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Nabari no Ou

Apr 9, 2011

Story: I acutally really liked parts of the stories. I thought it had some interesting potential and concept. However, it became vague with a lot of gaps. There were random flashbacks that weren't fully explained. People's pasts weren't fleshed out enough either. I liked the ninja aspect of it but I became confused at times. In addition, the resolution for the climax felt anticlimatic and I did enjoy the ending as bittersweet as it was. All in all, I enjoyed watching the series. It had laughs, action, comedy and drama.

Animation: I enjoyed the animation for the most part. The character designs were bright and the movements were pretty fluid. However, sometimes, the backgrounds would have a watercolored/pastel feel to them while the characters were clear cut. It match which made it look strange at times. The characters are incredibly lanky though.

Sound: I loved the opening and ending themes. There were not only catchy but the lyrics fit incredibly well with the series. However, the soundtrack itself was lackluster. There was only one I particularly liked. Everything else either just fit or hindered the scene. The intermission piece would usually kill the mood as well. I greatly enjoyed the seiyuus. I do love Rie Kugamiya and the rest of the cast.

Characters: Like the plot, I would have liked them to be fleshed out a bit more. I do find them very enjoyable and easy to like. I like that the relationships are complex and give a different view on people. Also, I really liked the bond between Yoite and Miharu. I didn't see it as boy love but more as them being kindred spirits. However, I would have liked to see more of their past and development instead of the bits and pieces that they showed. I felt like they jumped around a lot.

Overall: It was very entertaining and not too hard to sit down and watch a few episodes at a time. I like the very ending and the bast but I was confused a lot throughout the way. However if you're looking for a pretty decent ninja series, Nabari No Ou is your friend. Not amazing but definitely likable.

6.5/10 story
6.5/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall

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