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Tokyo Mew Mew

Dec 3, 2010

Story: There was an attempt for a decent plot but I don't it quite came through. I'm a big fan of magical girl but I didn't like this at all. The pacing felt really fast and not quite developed enough. Conflicts seemed to be resolved incredibly quickly without too much explanations. The ending was frankly ridiculous. It was cliche and over-the-top. There was romance but I felt that it was shallow so it just annoyed me. It just seemed to full of fluff. I do acknowledge that there were plot twists and surprises but they were borderline melodramatic. However, overall, it just didn't cut it for me. At least, it was short so you don't have to suffer for too long.

Art; Over the top. It's just too much sparkles, hearts, and blush lines. The panels seemed way too packed that you just want to glaze over it. The costumes just seem way too mature for the demographic and for the age of the girls. Eyes are huge and their overall appearance is not too attractive. The backgrounds are subpar. Overall, the art was pretty mediocre.

Characters: Annoying especially Ichigo. They don't make really good decisions and their saving grace is that they have friendship and kindness. However, that can only cover so much. For the most part, I was just irritated with them. I'll cut down the ranting and leave to I just didn't like them and it's not hard to see why. I will admit that their is development but for most the characters, it felt too rushed. For others, it didn't make much sense. Frankly, there not really likable.

Overall: There is so many better magical series out there that I wouldn't waste my time on this one. If you don't care about mediocre art, shallow love, melodramatic twists and annoying people, you'll probably be willing to put up with this. I'm wondering why I did.

6.5/10 story
5/10 art
3/10 characters
3.9/10 overall
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ElyOfIce May 5, 2012

I agree with what you say, I love the Magical Girl genre, but this was just awful