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Nov 24, 2010

Story: The reason why I wanted to watch Happiness! was because I saw Jun Watarase and I thought he was hilarious. I soon realized that it was a horrible reason to watch a series. As awesome as Jun is, he cannot make up for the lack of interest I had in Happiness! Usually it’s a bad sign if you bored from the very first episode. It does attempt to have some type of plot but it just seems so lackluster. It attempts drama but you don’t care too much for the characters. The humor at most will get you chuckle (expect for Jun who is just hilarious). The beginning of the series seems episodic but then a deeper more dramatic twist story line comes up. However, it’s just so lackluster that you just go “eh”. The romance is there but it’s mediocre too. Girl wants to be with guy who saved her when she was younger. The only reason I finished was because I’m currently on streak where I’m trying to finish all the series I’ve stalled. This is what I get for starting a series without much knowledge of series and love for only one secondary character.

Animation: The animation is nice but seems faded for the most part. The character design seems cookie cutter and not too memorable. The demons and the magic were disappointing. The animation was really bad but it was mediocre. It didn’t make my eyes bleed or anything but it’s definitely not memorable. Expect for Jun who is an adorable little cross-dressor.

Sound: Bland, bland, bland. The opening and endings are ok but nothing special. The instrumental pieces may fit some scenes but sometimes just seem not of place. Some of the voices become whiny and really annoying. The rest of the voices fit but didn’t impress. The seiyuus did an ok job. Overall, the sound was pretty mediocre.

Characters: Jun. Everyone is else is either annoying, cliché or forgettable. There was an attempt for development but it seemed overdramatic to me. Either they tried to hard or you just couldn’t take it that seriously. A good thing is that most of characters aren’t too annoying although they maybe be forgettable.

Overall: Your love for Jun can only take you so far. I wouldn’t really recommend this to even someone who likes magic. There are much better, more interesting, and funnier series out there. Frankly, this one is just bland and you don’t feel happy at all. Just bored.


4.9/10 story
5.5/10 animation
4.9/10 sound
5.9/10 characters
4.9/10 overall
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