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Story:  I’ve been playing the piano for over 9 years. I have a deep love for a lot of music and great appreciation for classical music. So when I heard of La Corda D’Oro, I was very excited. Two of my favorite things (shoujo and music) put into one. I thought that if at least the shoujo part turned sour, I had the music to look forward. I was disappointed in both aspects. The plot doesn’t connect or doesn’t fully flesh out. The relationships are shallow with little reason behind them. Hihara, Len, and Tsuchiura all seem to like Kahoko for some unknown reason and that’s only one of the inconsistencies. I noticed a lot of inconsitencies because the plot was just boring and not good to say the least. I had to force myself to finish this. It definitely lacks development in the shoujo section because all these guys like her but don’t do much about it leaving it incredibly open ended. The most they do is make her blush but just any guy looking at her makes her do that. The music aspect was just as bad. They didn’t do justice to the music and that really disappointed me. My favorite part of this show was the little section where Lili tells you trivia. Also, the fact that people could hear the sounds of instruments from a mile away in the store or in a soundproof room was just beyond me even though they can’t hear footsteps coming really got to me. I probably wouldn’t notice all of these if there was enough in this anime to enjoy but there isn’t.

Animation: The animation was nice for the most part. The character’s skins were glossy and very pretty. However, the hair colors were just gaudy and garish. I also didn’t like the costume design for a lot of the characters. The colors were vibrant and bold and so were the backgrounds. However, when the characters played their instruments, it looked off.

Sound: Surprisingly, La Corda D’Oro had a very generic soundtrack even though music is fundamental aspect of the show. I did like the classical pieces that they chose and I even looked them up afterwards. However, some of the music played during scenes wasn't chosen well. Either they were too much or just forgettable. The seiyuus did a good job for the most part. I was not fond of hearing Kahoko’s “ehs” but that was probably because I didn’t like her. The rest of the voices were fitting.

Characters: The females are just downright annoying. The journalist seems to pester everyone and her presence just doesn’t seem necessary or helpful. Fuyuumi is just pathetic. I may not have a lot of confidence playing in front of people but to hide behind someone when people are complimenting you is just pathetic. She is an incredibly weak character who doesn’t get much stronger throughout the show and let’s not forget about Kahoko. She makes little logical sense in her decisions, is shallow, pathetic, not intelligent and selfish to name a few. I don’t see why so many males in that show are attracted to her. They never really give a reason.

The males are showstoppers is this anime but are undermined by the fact that they care so much about her. I don’t understand Tsuchiura’s reason for stopping the piano in front of people but this plight with soccer was understandable. Hihara added a lot of humor but he, like the other three, really liked Kahoko for some unknown reason. Yunoki and Lili happen to be my favorite. It’s as if Yunoki can read my mind and says exactly what I’m thinking. I don’t understand why he isn’t liked when he’s the most honest out of the group of guys. Lili is just an adorable fairy. One of my least favorite casts up to date.

Overall: Not enjoyable for either shoujo lovers or music lovers. There are much better options than this one, even if you wanted to just watch some fluff or some bishounens. It’s not a complete waste though. I did learn a lot of classical music trivia and some really nice classical pieces. Not a complete fail but far from good.

4/10 story
7/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
3.9/10 characters
4.5/10 overall

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