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School Rumble

Jan 26, 2010

Story: An entertaining love story. School Rumble has to be the epitome of a romantic comedy. It truly is love and comedy. Their antics are hilarious and the way the show is split works perfectly. The ending was a little lackluster but it fit. Romance grows between the unexpected and not as much which the main lovebirds; however, that isn't a bad thing. The humor is really unexpected as well. Random things pop out that just crack you up. There are as many lmao moments as there are lol moments but it's still worth watching especially if you're a comedy fan.

Animation: The animation is pretty standard. I am a fan of the guy's character designs more than the females but there both nice to look at. The emotions are done perfectly and the opening and ending are fitting. Movements are fluid and backgrounds are appealing. Not very memorable or remarkable but still good. 

Sound: I watched the English dub because I found it on the producer's website (free+legal=amazing quality) so I don't have much to say about the original seiyuus; however, the English voice actors played the parts well. The opening and ending were fun and catchy. I found myself singing along. Instrumental music throughout the anime was fitting. However, not anything to memorable or remarkable. Like the animation, it was still good. 

Characters: Hands down, characters make this show. Harima's love for animals, Karasuma's rain costumes, and several quirks make the characters so laughable and lovable. Most of the characters get exposure and development which surprised me. You love them even when they're not being very smart. Even their thickheaded-ness becomes endearing. Definitely some of my favorite characters.

Overall: Humor, love, and just a bunch of fun. I kept happy after watching this and had a desire to watch the next one as well. I would recommend this to just about anyone especially if you're looking for a laugh.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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