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BananaMilkshakeSelle Feb 3, 2024

It's rape because consent is given out of fear, it's rape because their is power difference when they have sex, it's rape because it's always done on terms of the top even when the bottom says no so basically again lack of consent. Also in prostitution when the sex worker says no it should stop others again IT IS RAPE. 

FakeHanako May 28, 2023

aah okey, but i dont think hes got a harem. Anyways i understand thats it not what you can continue to read lol

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FakeHanako May 21, 2023

obviously, because I also dropped it several times but it actually got better as the plot was plain before but then it showed that the mc isn't the most powerful.

Which made me pick it up again~

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Curiousmadra Feb 19, 2023

Ah cool good to know!

WaitWhatWhy Jan 24, 2023

Did we read the same thing? In chapters 3 and 4 alone you can prove it’s rape/abuse. This legend Dan was so damn afraid of Joo beating him “worse than before” that he was huddled in the shower for hours trembling. He, despite the psychological effects of abuse, still did what he could to speak up. For example;


  • Chapter 3 - Dan grabbed out of the shower

Dan - " NO, WAIT! "

Joo - Just ignores what he said, throwing him on the bed Grabs Dan and drags him toward him

  • Chapter 3 - Dan begging Joo to wait directly after

Dan - " W-Wait, please, sir..! "

Joo - " Hold still before I break your ankle."

  • Chapter 3 - Dan pushing Joo away + saying no

Dan (pushing Joo away) - " O-ONE SECOND! ”               “ I-I’m really sorry, but...  I don't think I can do this! ”    “ I can’t do it... ”

Joo - “ Don't be ridiculous. ”                                         “ Like hell you can’t do it. After coming this far? “           “ You think I’m some kind of a joke? “                            “ If you waste my time like that last little bitch... don’t expect to be sent home safe and sound. “

  • Chapter 3 - Joo calling himself “Mr. Nice Guy” after doing all that (he was never nice lol)

Joo - “ Get yourself ready then. “                                     “ This is your last chance. No more Mr. Nice Guy after this. “                                                                         “ If even this is too much for you, then just get the fuck out. “                                                            

(Even though Dan is frozen in fear and would've stayed anyway, Joo decided to manipulate him into thinking that that shit is normal, and that he’s just a pussy. like wtf)

  • Chapter 3 - Joo literally forcing Dan to pick up the pace, Dan’s begging and pleading him to stop.

“ Oh, for fucks sake. “ Yanks Dan onto his lap, immediately going full force with ‘getting him ready’

Dan - “ H-HUH?! “                                                        “ HNGH! “                                                                   “ S-SIR! “

Joo - “ You're taking way too long. “

Dan - “ W-Wait- “                                                   Dans Thoughts - “S-STOP, THIS IS TOO MUCH!”                                                                       “ What... was THAT?! “                                                 “ N-NO...! STOP! STOP THAT! “ (He was audibly screaming)    

Dan was sobbing (we can tell he’s a virgin, poor thing)

“ If he keeps going...! “                                            Dan taps Joo’s hand “ S-SIR...! “                                   “ Th-Thats enough... “                                                  “ Please just.. put it in now... “

Thoughts - “ What was that..? Why would I feel something like that.. from inside of me..? “                    “ I hate this. I just want it to be over. “                   (That thought just so happens to be thought by sex trafficking and rape victims all around the world.)

Dan - “ It hurts... “ *trying to get Joo to fucking stop*    “ I-It hurts..! “                                                        Dan actively trying to move away “ S-Stop... No- “


Joo - “ Keep testing my patience, and I’ll smash your head in. “                                                                    “ Just shut your mouth and take it. “ (..🚩🚩🚩)            “ We’re just getting started. “

The fear in Dan's eyes, Jesus Christ 


  • Joo still is belittling Dan
  • Dan trying to get away once again
  • Joo being aggressive af (Dan is bleeding too)
  • Dan begging for it to stop
  • Joo grabbing Dan and forcing him upright so it goes deeper, Dan again squirming and trying to run
  • Joo not even thinking to ask if Dan wanted round 2, or any after that
  • Joo - “THAT’S RIGHT, IT’S MORE FUN THIS WAY.” (Joo’s a sicko idc what you say)

I won’t bother doing what I did for Chapter 3 here, but here’s what Dan was thinking and saying and how Joo responded to some.

Joo - “You think this is funny? Don’t say one thing and then do another.”

Thoughts - “H-How deep is he gonna go..? It hurts so much!”                                                                   Dan trying to crawl away, “It can't go in any further..”

Joo - “Where do you think you’re going?” slams into him for no reason, literally tearing Dan’s ass and causing it to bleed

Dan screamed, not because of the pain but because of Joo’s sudden and quick movements. On top of that he started crying.

Joo - “See? You know how to take it.”                      “Hey, lift your ass up.” Dan doesn't respond Joo lifts one of his arms (only bc he's confused and not concerned💀) “Hey.”                                                                      Dan is sobbing in silence                                       “What the... are you crying?”                                 “Over that? I barely even put it in!” (BARELY?) 

Dan (Sobbing) - “No that's not why...”                      “You just, startled me.”

Joo - “...” “Good grief.”                                               “If you think crying will make me go easy on you, you’ve got another thing coming. I like it.”

Joo - “You’re not gonna start whining again, are you?”

Dan (looking barely alive) - “No.. I can do it.”

Joo - Yanks Dan onto all fours by the hair “Then at least breathe properly.” (The fact that that's the most sympathetic he’s been this entire time is scary)       “Stop being such a wuss and take it.”                      Grips Dan’s hair even tighter

Thoughts - “Who’s a wuss? It feels like he’s ripping my guts open!”                                                               “It hurts so bad, but it's not actually torn though, right?” (poor dude- it’s torn. but how tf is dan a prostitute in any regard when he’s clearly a virgin, only got the money after, and was treated like he was a slave in a human trafficking ring?) 

Joo starts going rough for no reason again

Dan - “N-no-”                                                        “SIR, PLEASE!”                                                       “IT’S TOO DEEP-” 


Joo all of a sudden - “Hey.”                                 “Seems like you’ve had more than a few cocks in you, hm?” (He's so fucking dumb) (Does he think that’s how flirting works??)                                                     “Just how many guys have you had before me huh?”

Dan (literally looking ill) - “No- That’s not-”               “It’s not, like that-”

Thoughts - “What is he even saying?” (EXACTLY LMAO) “I don’t wanna be anywhere near him anymore..  I don’t want to hear this kind of talk.”                                      ”I just- want this to be over..”

Dan thinks about how his gut was tingling the same way as before, how he didn’t like it at all. 

Joo pulls Dan upright without warning, forcing him to endure it going even deeper than before.

Dan screams the loudest he has in the entire two chapters. He’s been crying nonstop.

Dan - “Sir- Please, a little gentler-”

Joo - “Man, shut up for a second.” (WHAT)                  He covers Dans mouth.

Joo instantly goes as rough as possible, Dan literally screaming in pain and trying to get off/away, he’s gotten too weak to.


Dan flops down, he can barely move

Thoughts - “Is it finally over?”                                “Ahh, it won’t close back up.” 

Joo goes back in between Dan’s legs

Dan - “Sir-?” (He’s got such a worried look too.)                                                       “Aren’t we all done now-?” 

Joo - “Done? That was just the first round.”              “The night is young.” (NOTICE HOW HE DIDN’T EVEN ASK DAN OR SHOW ANY KIND OF CONCERN FOR DAN’S NEEDS)

Dan was scared, jolting up out of shock and dread as he heard Joo.

Dan - “Huh?!”                                                      “Wait-”                                                                  “Sir-!”                                                                    “Sir, I-”

Dan ran away before Joo could say anything to him after that. 

Joo - “That’s right. It’s more fun this way.” WHAT THE FUCK?

I knew you’d ask for proof, so here it is. Dan never once was not in pain during that, meaning he was never once comfortable, OR OKAY WITH, what was happening to him. That poor man said no, wait, stop, etc. so many times and was ignored, threatened, belittled, and cut off. You still feel right by saying that he’s a fucking prostitute? Bc all that sounds like to me is you’re a rape apologist just because he’s attractive. Going “it's okay he’s hot” for one, that's disgusting, for two, he would never date you because he’s gay lmao. But on top of that, what you said there implies that rape is okay as long as the victim gets paid. Actual prostitutes are able to set boundaries with their clients, instead of being treated like they’re less than human in the way Kim Dan was treated. Prostitutes have it BETTER than he does. Also, since when has a prostitute ever gotten paid after giving their services? Dan is a victim, and he deserves respect as a character. Because the rape and domestic violence is a combo, even living people end up not saying anything. But mainly due to the domestic abuser. More often than not, those types of relationships go unrecorded and there's a LOT of domestic violence cases. Even more so in Dan’s case if the abuser is a fucking world champ, or just a boxer. Except this ones a sociopathic prick with an ego bigger than his dick and his wallet combined.

The person who wrote AND illustrated this is the same person who wrote and illustrated fucking BJ Alex. There’s a pattern there, the author clearly has some huge fuckin issues. Even the hair colors are the same and their positions in society. Relative to fame, at least.

Learn the difference between the two and do legitimate research before you make such a fucking outlandish claim. Defending a rapist/abuser won't make him any less gay.

Random add-on; what made you not like mikasa? lol