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AnnaSartin Feb 5, 2022

Yes, I saw lists are accessible across all systems using Bibliocommons, but noticed two distinct flaws that keep some lists from being the best they can be: The fact that some libraries add every volume of a manga as a separate entry, and the fact that lists are capped at 100 items. Users are limited when larger series take up so much precious real estate on their lists. Since Cincinnati's library catalogs by series rather than volume most of the time, it gives me the opportunity to have more complete lists. I still have to work around the 100 item limit for big genres, though. Hence the reason I have multiple shoujo lists grouped by decade. I grew up using the Encore database system at my library (some items, oddly enough, are only accessible using it) and was sad when they started phasing it out, but I'm doing my best to embrace Bibliocommons and all it has to offer. ^_^ I hope my lists can continue to help both old and new manga fans to find the content they are looking for, and contribute to creating a whole new generation of fans to fall in love with the worlds and characters. 

AnnaSartin Feb 4, 2022

I adore my library and I use every opportunity to get people into new manga. So the list seemed like a good idea. Gets updated as they get new manga.

Meron Jan 19, 2022

 Thank you added to the list. There are the side character Omegas that are also tall that I forgot about as well.