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MarsMuffin Feb 17, 2022

I remember for hu tao i had a little over 100 pulls, I caved right before and wished on xiaos but luckily I didnt get him. Mihoyo definitly has pyro and cryo bias LMAO. My frist cryo dps was ganyu, it so good to finally have one. My chongyun is not that good. I use a freeze team in abyss, it is really helpful.

I have never seen someone use ninggaung in abyss, I mostly see freeze teams or some variation of the national team. I do see albedo and zhongli used together a lot though. 

I actually did use sayu, it took too long for me to get her and I built her dps, got her namecard and now I dont even use her. I took her artifacts and gave them to someone else lmao. She still has a decent dps build but I dont use her. The only four star I dont have is Tohma, he is on the current banner so hopefully I can get him, probably wont use him though tbh. I built sara more recently for my electro characters, she is actually pretty fun to play. When she came out, I was not really a fan of her. I just do not have her best bows so I use sacrificial T-T, its good for the ER tho, its the highest base attack for a bow I have. 

What is your highest crit and with who? Just curious 

MarsMuffin Feb 17, 2022

Lantern rite last year was so fun, I was kind of dissapointed by the one this year. Though I had saved for 3 months to get hu tao last lantern rite. Scara will sure make money I know it LMAO. I tend to like elements with elemental reactions, but overall I probably like pyro and electro best. Vaporize and electro charged are nice reactions too. While I am not a fan of geo, I do really like the characters, and I do have a dps ninggaung.

Materials being spred out is quite annoying. I do have a ton of dandelions just because I collect them whenever I see them, but farming them is kind of a pain. Its worse for inazuma mats, with the difficult terrian. Luckily the character I use from inazuma do not have mats to annoying to get. I think the only inazuma characters I use are ei, kazuha, and sara. 

MarsMuffin Feb 17, 2022

I took a break around the time school started again but managed to get back into it. I find the personalities of most inazuma characters to be pretty bland, accept for yae and itto. But liyue is definitly my favorite region, the characters, the lore, the scenery, it is all very nice.

Sadly I doubt scaramouche will be coming any time soon. Up coming characters are ayato and yelan though, also heizou who is a four star. I am not a fan of bow characters though so I will probably skip Yelan. im assuming they are going to have more reruns, like kazuha, maybe venti, ayaka, yoimiya. Thats just a guess though. I am not too big of a fan of geo, I never roll for five star geo characters so I hope there will eventually be one I like a lot.

The mats for inazuma character are also so much more annoying then the other nations. They also commonly need high investment. 

MarsMuffin Feb 16, 2022

I have been playing since klees first banner and I am ar 58. To be honest I have not been interested in the newer characters in quite awhile, I just do not really care for them. The characters are still cool though I just wish I would get as hyped as I used too. The character kits seems to be less too, I would love to see another really strong dps or amazing support character! For the upcoming banners, I already have raiden and kazuha so I do not think I will roll. If there is no one else I want I might get kazuha cons.

Personally I am not a fan of kokomi because I would like to invest in other five stars, but she would be good for abyss(no hate to kokomi, i respect anyones character choices). Although I already use mona, ganyu, diona, and kazuha in abyss so replacing mona with kokomi would just decrease my damage output. Ayato was leaked today and he looks pretty fun so I think I will go for him. I use xingqiu in abyss with hu tao so I could replace xingqiu with ayato if its worth it. I usually go for strong character who are good in abyss or characters I like the design or playstyle of. I was originally going for Yae but I think I will get Ayato instead now. I do always loose 50/50 so I have to choose wisely who I want. Yae miko is very pretty but I am not a fan of catalysts sadly. I hope I can win 50/50 for Ayato.

I think I lean more towards inazuma and mondstatd characters, but the Inazuma characters designs are really pretty. Kazuha is 100% worth it too, cool playstyle, amazing support, cool character design, he is a character I am very happy I pulled for.

Anyone you are going for? Good luck on your pulls!

MarsMuffin Feb 16, 2022

Hello! I main hu tao, ganyu, and beidou. My favorite characters are beidou, hu tao, and sucrose! I recently pulled ganyu and she has been really helping in abyss. I also have kazuha and raiden shogun. I do not have many limited 5 stars even though I have been playing for awhile because I always loose 50/50 T-T. How about you? What five stars do you have and whats your AR?