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OkamiHime95 Apr 15, 2021

Only 5?! O_O *Brain explodes*
I...let's just say I had to make lists on here in order to keep track of them all lmao. X'D
Wbu? :3

OkamiHime95 Apr 15, 2021

Yeah, up until recently-ish, hardly anyone has really talked to me daily, so it's been nice! ^_^

OkamiHime95 Apr 15, 2021

Sorry for the late response! >_<

But yeah, I really like Joseph too, and would say he's a close second for me. :D

ballsinyojaws Apr 10, 2021

fr me too, diu is my comfort show AND I LOVE ROHAN SMMM

ballsinyojaws Apr 9, 2021

yesss i love mikitaka sm