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Lyr27 Oct 1, 2020

Tf is this profile?

Sianeka Jun 28, 2014

Hello!  sothis is redesigning the anime-planet site, and plans to roll out an awesome new site design in July, we believe. The blog feature is not part of the new design, and it is going away.  More information about this here:  Announcement: the blog feature is being deprecated topic link.  (Be sure to check out the new site design when it goes live!)

The blog pages are going away, and will be gone when the site redesign goes live. Your blog here will be removed from the site.

So, if want to keep the information posted in your blog, you will need to copy this information someplace else on the site. If you have any questions how or where to do this, please feel free to get back to me, and I will try to assist.

Hanae567 Feb 18, 2014

Some people just have the mentality to dislike anime, you obviously have that. The amount of negative energy I get from just from looking at your profile is overwhelming and it’s pissing me off. If you don't like an anime you watch that's fine, but the majority of the anime you review are bad, and some are anime that don't deserve the hate at all. You don't deserve to be here, go write unnecessary reviews somewhere else!!!

MaikeruSama Jan 26, 2014

Listen... In the off-chance that you aren't a troll (which I doubt), I think you should stop watching anime. I'm not trying to be mean, honestly... Out of the grand total of 20 anime that you've watched (not even gonna ask why you think you're suited to review anime when you've seen so few), you've only seemed to enjoy 2 of them. Really? If you only enjoy 10% of the anime you watch, it's time to stop watching. At least it's DEFINATLY time to stop reviewing...

On the 95% chance that you are a troll: 8.5/10, well done...

zegari Oct 10, 2013

if you want people to think you are not trolling you should really look at your wording, insted of saying "the animation is bad, the voice acting is bad" or anthing along those lines you should say "i didnt realy like the animation or that voice acters".. that can make a big diffrence, saying it in first person shoews that that is your own personal view on it, which most people will respect, but just saying it is bad kinda is also saying "my view is right and all the other view points you guys have are wrong". hope this helped. :D