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hi and welcome to my profile! 

my name is angel, im 19 and australian :) i'm a nonbinary lesbian and my pronouns are he/they !! 

my favourite types of anime are shoujo-ai, mahou shoujo and ecchi harem animes. i'll usually watch anything as long as there's some decent plot, pretty art style or lesbian and gender ambiguous characters.

currently watching: naruto


sailor moon


honorable mentions

neon genesis evangelion  ♡  fairy tail ♡  chobits ♡ kami nomi zo shiru sekai

 soul eater  ♡ high school dxd ♡  sasameki koto ♡ serial experiments lain

  saint tail  ♡ baka to test ♡  gun gale online ♡ love live! school idol project

haibane remnei ♡  revolutionary girl utena  ♡ nana ♡ wonder egg priority




sasameki koto


 honorable mentions

highschool dxd  ♡  monster musume  ♡ a divine love alone ♡  please tell me! galko chan

suicide boy  ♡  this love that won't reach  ♡  no matter how i look at it  ♡ soft-boiled girls 



eat me


horonable mentions

ghost plays to the audience  ♡ the fox's wedding  ♡  secrets of wysteria



{soul eater}   ♡   {sailor moon}   ♡  {madoka magica}

{kakegurui}  ♡  {attack on titan}  ♡  {revolutionary girl utena}

{love live!}  ♡  {serial experiments lain}  ♡  {kill la kill}

argue with the wall.



 "go on, touch me, hold me, kiss me, eat me..."

 - Megpoid Gumi 


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l1pgl0s May 21, 2022

ur sakura comment :)

ShioHanashi May 3, 2022

I understand that pronouns are not equivalent to gender, but according to Merriam-Webster, Oxford, and Chambers, a lesbian is a gay woman or a woman who is romantically or sexually attracted to other women and not men or anything in between - so, it is not "non men loving non men". If you are not female, you cannot be a lesbian, which is why I was confused. However, if you are most comfortable with that label, I have no right to take that from you. Thank you for your explanation!

ShioHanashi Apr 20, 2022

"i'm a nonbinary lesbian and my pronouns are he/they !!"

Hi! I am not very educated on this topic, but I want to be, so please forgive me if I say anything ignorant. How is it possible to be all of these things at once? Do you see yourself as inherently feminine while preferring he/they pronouns and preferring not to label yourself as female for some reason?

aftonstan Feb 10, 2022

Please do not call feminine men and boys "traps", they are just trying to be feminine they are not trying to deceive anyone. Even if they are, that doesn't mean it's ok to reduce their self expression to a joke. It's insulting to real life feminine men.

TheCautionBandi May 25, 2020

AGREED! Kayo's mom doesn't deserve to exist.