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I disliked this, though I think it was inevitable that I'd think so because I'm not really the target audience. Although I do have personal distate for this type of story in general, I didn't think it was very good anyway.

The characters are rather flat and I didn't find any of them espcially endearing. Ari's main personality trait is being kind and she's not really explored outside her nuturing role to her childern and the demons around her. The art, especially of the female characters, was a bit too sexulized for my taste as well. 

I thought that it was a little strange that they made the main character, who's main role is to be a mother, sixteen years old right after her mother, her only fmaily member, died. Baby fever is a thing, but she really just wished for a family as a teen while still greving her mother's death, and boom, suddenly pops out ten children with a who-knows-how old demon.

I also really don't like babies so all the "cute" children just distanced me further. 

3/10 story
6/10 art
5/10 characters
4/10 overall

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Karza0089 Jan 20, 2022

Then don't read it ._.

UnownDragon666 Sep 1, 2021

You didn't even read past the first chapter, nowhere in the manga is Akari forced to do anything she doesn't want. Not to mention she's a virgin.