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Jul 6, 2021

i don't typically write out reviews for shows, but because i was seeing so many negative comments on this one, i figured that it couldn't hurt. the breakdown of my specific and overall scores is as follows:


all right, so. the story is, admittedly, a little cliche. a rag-tag group of girls of many backgrounds attempt to beat gender roles and get to the top. but in my opinion, it's still really enjoyable. there are some little side stories and side plots that seem pretty useless, and some very strong plot armor, but if you avoid overthinking it and just enjoy the show, i, at least, was able to get past it. some of the romance and platonic relationships feel a little forced or clique-ey, but i was able to enjoy them nonetheless. 


this show is a bit on the older side (considering all the newer anime that's been coming out); 1998, i believe. so i do think that the animation is pretty darn good. it's dynamic enough to be interesting, and the art style is pretty nice. someone else mentioned that their batting stances were stiff, but i really don't think it took away from the show (in my opinion, at least. i am not, by any means, a baseball expert). overall, i really enjoyed the art style, colors, etc. 


a quick disclaimer before you read this portion: i did watch this in dub. so my opinion might be slightly different than some others'. now that that's out of the way, in terms of voices: some of the voices were a little squeaky and shrill. but to be honest, i don't think that's completely out of the ordinary in many animes. so it really didn't bother me too much. the music was not disappointing, but not outstanding either. i will not remember the background music, but it did certainly add to certain scenes. the opening song was catchy though, i find myself humming it when i'm around the house or running errands. 


this one might get a little complex. there might be some very mild spoilers in this section, so if you would like to be completely surprised when it comes time for you to watch the show, then perhaps skip this part. i will say, to start off, that some of the characters are pretty cliche. you have the stereotypical girl who's in it to become an idol and who obsesses over makeup, etc and who only joined baseball for the stardom. you have the star pitcher who is the glue of the team but can be a bit naive. there's the vulgar one who taunts others. there's the drunk coach who also seems to have some hidden wisdom. i could go on, but i think you get the point. despite all of this, though, the characters were truly enjoyable to watch. their relationships seemed to develop at different rates and friendships bloomed. 


i know that i made this anime out to be just all right through this review, but i really do want to stress that this anime is becoming one of my favorites. i did finish it, and i think that to get the full enjoyment, you do have to complete it. i saw that some other people who rated this badly only got through part of the show, but you just have to stick with it. to be frank, i am not good with my words and i think i wrote this review overly negatively, but i think that this show is different than a lot of other sports animes that i've seen! i do believe that this has become a comfort anime of mine, and i will be taking some time to watch the subbed version, just to get the full experience. thank you if you've read all the way down, and i hope that you will consider giving this show a chance. 

7/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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