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I'm not a fan of these characters


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worstscenarios Aug 2, 2021

I toatally agree. I also read what you commented under her character and I love the "I said what had to be said." in the end XD. But honestly I would've understood her alittle if she had'nt known Rin at all but ever since they met he's been protecting her, helping her and a true friend. Her turning on him completely after all he's done for her was horrible.

Ayyy I'm glad to see another person watching the Naruto series. I just started on Boruto after just finishing Shippuden and aaaaa I love the kid. Naruto's son can be bratty but he's just like his father always helping out people from different villages, always making connections aaaaa and he's so adorableeee. People underrate the Boruto series since they compare it to the Naruto series but Boruto is pretty decent but honestly not as good as the Naruto series but still really entertaining. Anywayys XD whats your favorite anime?