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High-Rise Invasion

Feb 26, 2021

disappointed. disappointed. disappointed. disappointed. disappointed. disappointed. disappointed. disappointed. disappointed. disappointed. disappointed. disappointed. disappointed. disappointed. disappointed. disappointed. disappointed. disappointed. disappointed. disappointed. disappointed. disappointed. disappointed. disappointed. disappointed. 

IDK how hyped this show was before airing but this needs to be said. I am disappointed. I read the manga and it was cool as it is, was very excited to watch it, and has been on my want-to-watch list for the longest. IDK if what irked me was the adaptation or how they conveyed it but overall, this is not what I was looking forward to. I really tried to give it a chance but I can't. something about it irks me.

I noticed the adaptation is so similar to that of "7 seeds" which is, with all due respect, boring and needs to be sued cause the manga was amazing, and I found a common ground that could explain the trashy animation. Netflix :D

please, can I know who the hell gave Netflix the permission to adapt manga or whatever it was called? they're already miserably failing the shows they're airing. what made them think it was a good idea to adapt mangas, please. I failed to enjoy the show's story all cause I was concentrated on the ill fluidity of the movements of the characters and animation itself. the manga deserved better fr. 

now that all of that is said, lemme break it down:

Story: the story's cool but sadly it could've been portrayed so. much. better. guess they're planning on another season (????????)

Animation: I could slander more but I'll save you the reading...............................

Sound: "anime-genericcccc"!!! aka the stereotypical kawaii/ annoying

Characters: I was definitely exposed to a lot of povs that I didn't need to get exposed to cause all that i care about is the mc's goals and thoughts. yes, I want to know each character's goals and what's pushing them to do stuff they're doing but the time the goals and thoughts of every character was too much it felt that the stories all over the place and rushed. let alone the excessive emotions without actual depth were some ult cringe lmaoooo. 

Overall: I already said my peace up, no need for more slander lol

I'm not a huge manga reader but for this particular show, I'd recommend you read the manga and drop the show or if not then don't expect as much.


7/10 story
3/10 animation
4/10 sound
4/10 characters
5/10 overall

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xire Mar 21, 2021

Thank you for the review. I was debating if I should watch this or not, it looks really appealing. I probably won't watch it if anything read it. I try not to watch animations off of Netflix lmaoo. it sucks when anime's  have so much unused potential.

Lunon Mar 8, 2021

Even without having read the manga, I think I can tell what bothers you for the most part. Pacing.

I noticed the same trend in many of the Netflix "original" anime. Turns out, they are trying to internationalise them, to please everyone (pfft). Which is baffling, because the huge popularity of anime/manga outside Japan is precisely due to their distinctive flair. Not only they have an extremely wide variety of genres (which Netflix seems to have dumbed down to action, action and more action) but they have a way of making the audience emotionally invested in the characters and story. Gives you the feeling of involvement, rather than being a simple observer. And one contributor to this is pacing.

A good pacing doesn't just shove action in your face around every corner, but it gives you time to breathe and a chance to know the characters, it helps set the mood, and is extremely essential in the build up tension towards a meaningful climax. In the same way stars shine brighter on a darker sky, an action scene will be more a lot more powerful if we had some time to connect with the characters beforehand. Or so it should. 

But here? We have a bunch of running around, killing and dying, with no emotional impact. The characters tell you a lot of things, but show nothing. They even had to mention how terrifying this world is, because they couldn't actually convey it.  The moments where they show a bit of dispair or fear are so brief, that they just don't amount to anything. I can see the stakes are high, but I don't feel it deep down. It should've been simple to understand that the story is only meaningful if we can connect to the characters, but somehow Netflix messed it up. It's like the producers were scared that if they don't shower us with constant action we'd get bored. Oh, wait... (and it's actually pretty insulting to the audience...) 

Why the hell do they feel the need to fix somehting that isn't broken is beyond me... To begin with, the asian storytelling plot structure is fundamentally different than the western one (see kishoutenketsu on wiki if you're curious, the most amazing difference about it is that it doen't require a "conflict" to work). By taking out those cultural elements that made anime stand out, we ended up with a bunch of mediocre and forgetable shows. Congratulations, Netflix, you managed to turn something exciting with a lot of potential, into a bland, flat show, hope you're happy. I'm certainly not. 

Well this was kinda long for a reply, but I couldn't hold it in anymore. I hope they stop ruining anime.

p.s- those cityscapes have got to be the most basic and boring ones I've ever seen. This is 2021, what the hell. There's no excuse for this. Even really old anime have more interesting backgrounds and environments. Even if broad landscapes tended to be vague, they at least had some thought put into the colouring.

SophTheWeeb Mar 1, 2021

Hi, im new to this anime planet. I need help on how i get to watch this anime. Im very confused, i would be very happy if you could help me out! thank you!