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Brothers Conflict

Oct 11, 2021

Brother's Conflict is a fun anime where you get to meet a lot of new characters and watch Ema navigate finding her family in this new environment. It's exciting to see all these cute boys together and you actually grow to have favorites and love each character individually. It's a fun watch and I would recommend if you're looking to waste some time watching a romance anime. 

I will discuss spoilers in my deeper analysis. My "overall" section is spoiler-free. This is my first review so I hope you like it!

Here we go!

Story: (6/10)

Anyone who actually watched the show knows the story is shit. You give us 13 brothers and expect to be able to fit gut-wrenching attachment and development in 12 episodes? No, I don't think they expected that at all actually. But I will leave that for the Characters section. The actual story. A girl moving in with her brother's after her dad remarries. It's an interesting plot. I will try to avoid discussing Characters here but I can sense that will be hard. I gave it a 6 because I liked the harem-type story. I docked points though because of certain things like the time shifts. It was either the second or third episode where you're told four months have passed and you just sit there like "....no???". It seems that lots of time passes but her relationship with her brothers stay relatively similar within that time. Another thing is how the brothers just fall in love with her instantly. There are only 12 episodes to cram everything in, so there isn't time to actually have fleshed-out scenes where you see each brother fall in love with her. They just spontaneously are. On that note, the only characters that I somewhat liked how their love was introduced are Yusuke and Natsume. Yusuke having a crush on her previously as a classmate was a good way to tie in his feelings naturally in the show without seeming forced. As for Natsume, Ema and he discussed video games for a few episodes and they had friendly encounters normally, so when he finally did seem to like her, it made sense. Even though some of the other characters like Tsubaki and Azusa just randomly started liking her, I liked how the show approached their rivalries. It made the show feel like it was going somewhere, especially the plotline of Tsubaki not getting the VA role and Azusa landing in the hospital. That made me feel like they and Ema were actually connected and went through something together. On the other hand, characters like Iori and Masaomi felt pointless in the story. They barely had any encounters with Ema, especially Iori. Ema asked Iori ONCE about the flowers and he told her he was in charge of the garden. The next time we see Iori, he's giving her a special flower and saying he "will not lose" or something. (I think he actually said that to one of the other brothers I can't completely remember). Regardless, the next time we see him he's professing some sort of conviction to love Ema even though we barely see him at all. And near the end, he gets all sad that he's studying abroad and tells Ema not to forget him. If I'm being honest, halfway through the series I forgot him because his gray hair was so similar to Tsubaki's. Oops. Futo definitely added some spice to the story, seeing as he literally assaulted Ema multiple times. I think the lack of follow-up after he almost r*ped her was kind of anticlimactic. it's a little weird how he went from disliking Ema and treating her as basic near the beginning to full-on transferring to her school an episode later. Also, that dream Ema had about Juli being human was very random and was never brought up again in the show. Right as she was about to ask him about it she just said never mind and moved on. I'm still curious about that and what it even meant to the story. The last thing I'm going to touch on is the ending. I liked Ema's decision, in the end, to be clear about her feelings that everyone was only a brother to her. Different characters leaving the house definitely made it feel like ending the show was natural. It seemed like Hikaru was going to spice things up after Ema's convictions, almost as if there was room for a season 2 down the line, but I doubt that actually went anywhere. Hikaru saying "this time I'll join the race" (or something like that) was also really random and not believable at all. He didn't care the whole time and now at the very end, he wants her? Sure. I like how Subaru didn't reject the pro-team just for Ema, and the way Yusuke was a backup acceptance to the college they wanted to go to was actually a really natural way to let him be accepted without being too unrealistic (seeing how they painted him to be a dumbass). For a really random 12 episode brother harem show, the story was decent enough and provided an enjoyable experience.

Animation: (6/10)

I rated the animation a 6 because it's very clearly not the best. I don't blame the show though; I think it was very enjoyable and the animation didn't take away from the viewing experience. My guess is the budget for the show wasn't too high, to begin with. It becomes most clear when you see a character from a slight distance and all the detail is lost from their anatomy or face (which I know is common in all anime, but here it happens much more frequently) and especially during Subaru's basketball game. There were many shots in his basketball game that were just a single drawing moving over the screen for a moment to illustrate what was going on in the game. Only a few parts of the game were actually animated, like Subaru's winning shot. Again, I don't think the animation ruins the show. You get what you expect. It seems like a small passion project type show and the animation is kind of telling.

Sound: (8/10)

I give the sound an 8 simply because I liked most of the voices. For reference, I watched the sub. Only one thing really bothered me about the sound and it is why I docked the two points. Wataru's voice. He was cute and all but I really didn't like the deepness of his voice. I used to think hearing high-pitched "kawaii" voices bothered me, but no, this kid's voice being deeper was frankly unsatisfying. It was still definitely a kid-ish voice, but for a cutesy pink-haired kid like him, I was hoping for something more like a typical shota character. Though I suppose the intention for this character might've been just to be a normal kid and keep any weird shota freaks away. I don't know. Another comment I would like to add is that I wouldn't have minded if Yusuke's voice wasn't as deep. When the outro starts, it's Yusuke and Subaru, and hearing them sing right after each other made me realize I wouldn't have minded if they switched voices. Subaru is a bigger guy and his voice being deeper would work (though his current voice was perfectly fine). Yusuke on the other hand probably should've had a less deep voice, but I didn't notice it much during the show. One last note- Futo was f*cking annoying. I can't remember if his voice or way of speaking added to that or if it really was just his character, but I guess that just means the voice actor did a good job with him. I almost omitted sound from my review cause I wasn't sure what I would say. Guess I did have something to say after all LOL.

Characters: (8/10)

Ah. Characters. I loved them. I don't feel like ranting right now but I think in the future I will come back and detail my opinion on each individual character. I will be brief for now. I just want to say, for now, I believe Yuusuke was the best character. It's interesting because I wasn't very drawn to him initially. He was a basic character and in the first episode it seemed like he was going to be rude and mean to Ema, but it very quickly seemed like a Kyo X Tohru sort of moment. Yusuke was the only character who liked Ema in a serious way who didn't force his feelings onto her. Instead, he kept them to himself and actually tried being friends with her. He treated her kindly and wasn't creepy. (Except that one time when he brought her a blanket and stared at her. But that's not even that bad.) He worked hard to go to the same college as her and didn't burden her with forcing her to respond to his feelings or force a kiss onto her. Every time they were at school, he was with her and it was easy to believe that they were genuinely friends. In the last episode when they see their acceptance scores, he treats her so normally and like a real friend, and is only very slightly awkward after he hugs her, and only acted that way for a moment because he didn't want to make her uncomfortable. His little rivalry with Futo also made it easier to like him because while the other rivalries were actually hard to choose between, between him and Futo, the choice was obviously clear. Another bonus is that he's Ema's grade/age, and is going to the same university as her. I grew to like Yusuke the best and I hope in the manga I see him and Ema together. I'll update you with my thoughts on the rest of the characters soon.

Overall: (8/10)

If I actually averaged out my rating for the four factors, the overall would be 7. I made it an 8 because I genuinely enjoyed watching and had a fun time. I was still able to fall in love with different characters and root for each one (most of them) in their own way. Don't get me wrong, if you're looking for a life-changing anime, this isn't it. Be ready to sit down and waste approximately 4.6 hours of your life on this crap. But it's so good I would watch it again and read the manga too. It's cheesy and funny and infuriating and takes you on a roller coaster, but in the end, there is a satisfactory ending. Also the intro and outro slap. (Also I'd like to add that certain aspects of the show reminded me of Fruits Basket. I might explain how so in more detail sometime later, though it might be because that was the anime I watched before this one.)

Hope you liked the show too! I would love to hear your thoughts on the show or on my review in the responses!

6/10 story
6/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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