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Draiga Oct 14, 2018

Image result for thank you anime gif

Thank u FOr Following Me
 I hope I can learn more about animes from you
 Glad to be Ur Friend!!!!

SerendipityGrimoire Oct 14, 2018

Aww, thanks so much! Of course we can be friends! I've only been here a few weeks myself so I understand your struggle. 

Well then, tell me a little about yourself. What's your name?

Izaioi Oct 13, 2018

Hmm, let's see... besides anime and manga I'm a gamer, but since I don't have a lot of money I can't buy as many games as I would like. I try to keep myself informed on all the new games, for example I follow the E3 streams, so maybe one day I'll buy what I can't right now. 

I used to read fantasy books, but I kinda stopped in the last two years, I guess I was a little bored of it. I've picked up novels from anime/manga instead. 

Aside from that I'm into gardening, I have a little collection of succulents and I keep some very nice bonsai :)

What about you, what do you like to do? :D

FullmetalDragon Oct 12, 2018

Hey, thanks for following me ^^ I'm following you back now! 

How are you? Watching any good anime at the moment?

Shadowrose96 Oct 11, 2018

It seems you've added quite a few good ones to you Want to Watch list already! I think I have a few more for you to try out. 

If you want something with some humor and a bit of quirkiness, then Assassination Classroom is a lot of fun! There is also the Magi series if you enjoy fantasy based series, it has humor, action and some great characters! Magi: Adventure of Sinbad is the shortest of the three if you want to check it out without committing to 20+ episodes. It's also a prequel to the other two, so you won't miss out on anything by watching it first. My Hero Academia is fantastic as well if you enjoy superhero shows.