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AtuaDamnedIdiot Jan 22, 2019

I like to read, play videogames and write stories in my spare time.


AtuaDamnedIdiot Jan 21, 2019

Hi! Thanks so much for the follow!

I am findingn FMA very enjoyable at the moment, what about you? watching any good anime at the moment?

AAMSeeker Jan 19, 2019

I would recommend the Garden of Sinners series and Erased.

AAMSeeker Jan 19, 2019

What kind of animes do u like? (Genres)

FullmetalDragon Jan 17, 2019

It would be awesome to have you start greeting! Were you thinking as part of WECO or more freelance? 

When I'm greeting, I normally just use this message:

'Hey! Welcome to Anime Planet! Hope you have a great time here :D

Here’s a super helpful document you might want to check out! It has the answers to a few questions you might have about the site, and probably a few others too! And if you have any other questions, or just want to chat, feel free to leave me a comment!  


I occasionally adjust it if I notice something interesting on a person's profile, but for profiles where there's not a lot going on, it's just easier to have a stock greeting. I know some people stick with a simple 'Hello, and welcome to anime planet', and some write a full on paragraph, so it's really up to you :D Hope that helped!