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Future Diary: Redial

Jul 22, 2014

This OVA completely destroyed the series. While the ending of the TV series was hard to deal with, and was really sad, this ending was way too happy. I think that the whole anime was really dark, and the ending should be dark too. "Bad" end was the only option for such anime. I feel like the OVA was only intented to satisfy fans - and I totally think that creator of the scenario should NOT do such things.

2/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
2/10 overall

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YaBoyUneven Jan 28, 2021

I really dissagree. Yo are just bringing dwn the score because you have nothing else to do. The OVA was not a different ending. In the scene after the ED played it showed us that Yuno managed to get in touch with Yukitaro. It does not change a single thing, it just shows us how she managed it and how the 3rd world is doing. Get a life.

Eva Jul 13, 2015

!SPOILERS! It is not an alternative ending - it is exactly how do TV series end. In the last seconds of Mirai Nikki TV (after titres), Yukki gets message that Yuno comes to him. (And later, in Murmurs diary, they create new world from the very beginning - there is a picture of them creating plants). OVA just describes how did that happen.

FabledDead Mar 13, 2015

I'd have to disagree about this being out of place. I mean, the main character made miracles happen throughout the show and his goal was to make everything better. He failed due to his inability to bring everyone back, but he succeeded by saving the third world. This movie just shows us exactly what he saved.

bu773rfly Dec 25, 2014

SPOILERS .http://www.mangareader.net/mirai-nikki/59/46 Both of you shut up. This ending alone is canon. They have their "happy" ending even though well...the Yuno that did everything still dies. (2nd world Yuno) Manga>Animu always.

ryanshowseason2 Nov 15, 2014

Did you watch past the credits in the last episode of the airing? They pretty much did the last 20 seconds of this ova. The ova exists to fill in the blanks to how she ends up coming back to yukki.

I do agree that I expected a darker ending though. The series kind of brushes away the bad and slaps a happy face on it in the end.