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MSstudioHD Jul 18, 2018

where did you find the anime  Hino Hideshi Toukaidou Yotsuya Kaidan? i'm searching on the web, but there is nothing about this anime

StrawhatAce Jun 24, 2017

Hey, Can you please tell me where I can read the full manga of Hero Shigan?!

KiritoKyouma Jun 7, 2015

can´t believe you watched each episode of doraemon (over 1700 ep) and rate it with an half star.

sothis Aug 14, 2014

Also why do you rate almost everything a 2? o_o; This seems like it might be a fake account

sothis Aug 14, 2014

Out of curiosity how did you read this?


It took me a pretty long time to find this (physically), and that's because I know someone in Japan who spends quite a bit of time trying to find me rare DQ manga.