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Well, Im in college.. Im alive.. and I watch anime. Im very straight, have common sense (shocker) and have been told to be a fairly decent guy (yay).

I play games, play soccer, am in the military, and do lots of stuff on the internet like write reviews when im bored.. which is most of the time. So if you need recommendations or have any questions about why I liked "this" or "that" feel free to ask.

I tend to only give "5's" to those I think really deserve it based on a list of qualifications from my own personal opinion. So usually if ive given an anime a high score (4-5) it really is pretty good (at least if you like the genre).

My top five favorite anime are all very close and I wish I could have five number 1's. I would happily watch any of them again and am equally captivated and crazy about them, but unfortunately I can only have one number 1 and so on...

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Firenixzus Dec 7, 2009

Well it's kinda been besy, as i have started on a new job as IT-support at a firm called Telenor, that is one of the biggest ISP in Denmark.. So i gess it's a good thing ;D. We are allso entering x-mas, so every weekenden is hard on me.. As my dad have a X-mas tree sales man and we need to get ready to cut about 100.000 x-mas trees down for transport. So yeah i have been besy. allmost 40 hrs of work on a week :(.

And i havn't got time to buy my x-mas gifs yet :'( I use to be done by now.

Firenixzus Oct 3, 2009

Hia mann..

It's been awail.. Hows college life treding u..?

AikoChan Sep 26, 2009

Hello, you have very cute avatar x3

HikaruTenshi Aug 26, 2009



Micmic Jul 7, 2009

hehe . well ye its a good game ^^ . so many new Anime Games coming to ps2 ^^ u should def take a look on em ^^ and btw if u want i'd be honored to have u on my fr list :D