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ReLIFE: Kanketsu-hen

Jan 11, 2020

I feel like many people might ignore the OVA after the somewhat dissapointing end of season 1 ending. This is mainly because the core 13 episodes left us with no closure whatsoever. I honestly might be over-ratting the OVA as I am not in any way a real critic with the savvyness of anime; however, from the perspective of a fan that would love to see closure to series that is much touching, I really do believe it provides with the right execution of a closure that is within the grasp of the producers. I admit that the series as overall deserves a full fledge season where a lot of characters building is deserved but juedging from just the perspective of what the OVA delivered to the overall story it is a 10... maybe a 9 overall. I don't dismiss that there are still many questions left answered but if I am able to get some closure with enough space for my own imagination, I would say hats off. Therefore, for whoever felt in love with the original 13 episodes and need some closure, I really recommend you to take this additional 1hr (minus intro and outro songs) to watch the OVA. You will feel much more satistified with the overall story.  

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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