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 A laggard and a dubbster (mainly because it's hard to focus on the animation and subtittles at the same time). 

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kitsune641 Mar 31, 2020

yeah I see your point I didn’t count Log as a Dark fantasy because like you said it’s more light hearted at a base level.

kitsune641 Feb 22, 2020

        Hello, just read your recommenation for SAO and Log and I agree and disagree, yes they do have a simerly plot but SAO was set up as a "dark fantasy" but truned into a "power fantasy" and Log also the MC in SAO broke the game because he's the MC and "power fantasy" he can do whatever becuse of that. However the MC in Log broke the game becuase he knew the game and knew how it worked and on top of that was playing for, what 12 years or so before the story started and he was already one of the top players in the game. Heck, if Log came out before SAO people would say that SAO was just a bad remake of Log. Yes, I can agree with your recommenation but not the reason why to your recommenation

Thank you for your time,