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anime noob, i just read fast, i'll watch anything i get my hands on.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Top 5 anime female chars (in no particular order)

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Top 5 male chars

up for suggestions to chars that can challenge my favs and knock them off my charts, leave a comment

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mastersam Apr 15, 2008

Over seven month man you are indeed an otaku... Stuff that will knock you top five are quite a few but depends on what you like. I see that you have kimi ga nozomy eien...yea i remember the name because it is the only anime that ever made me cryed..yea iknow.

Icey Dec 26, 2007

Hey! Just thought I would drop you a quick happy xmas/new year message. Hope your well and enjoying some good Anime! Take it easy!

Brawlio Dec 17, 2007

Over 7 months of Anime?!?!?!?!? Man, you're bad ass!

chii Dec 14, 2007

ahhh I see. I was just really wondering cause it didn't look that bad. :P

But now that you meantion the gunwielding sanzo and bishonen cho hakkai. That kinda weirds me out too.

chii Dec 13, 2007

I've gotta know of all the anime's you've seen (so many!)

Why won't you watch  the Saiyuki series?