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Dark/Psychological Yuri Manga

Tired of cheerful, heartwarming slice-of-life yuri? Want something edgier and more complex? Try these stories.

Educational Manga That Make Learning Exciting

This curated list features manga that explores a variety of topics--history, science, agriculture, art--as well as specific industries and cultures--in a dynamic and engaging way. You can proudly say: “I learned it from a...

Historical Isekai Manga

These protagonists aren't sent to a fantasy world, but back in time! A surprising number of these feature Oda Nobunaga.

Manga Set In A Breathtaking World

Manga whose settings have a unique and gorgeous atmosphere (great world building not required, but often included)

Queer/LGBT Coming-of-Age Manga

Realistic manga that feature LGBT characters and directly deal with issues such as identity, family, coming out, acceptance and community.

Queer Manga with Addicting Plots

“I came for the gay, stayed for the plot.” Some stories are only adjacently gay and don’t feature an explicit queer pairing, while with others the pairing is central to the plot. Either way, the queer vibes are impeccable...