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beautiful. i loved and enjoyed every single moment watching this and sinking in the story. im mainly here to talk about the series's ending. the characters are fantastic and vibrant. my brain couldn't comprehend the storyline, so i had to watch it again to fully understand everything. the ending i think was captivating and satisfying. alot of people were dissatisfied about how the show ended but i think it was beautiful. showing us what goes on in shinjis mind, how he thinks, what are his anxieties was amazing to witness. portraying the scenes in different art medias was even more captivating. my eyes and heart were stunned, seeing how a show could create such a beautiful end. i do feel like it was rushed in a sense but, isn't that better? the show was slightly predictable at times but having something this unpredictable was perfect to me. seeing shinji finally accept himself and accept the human whatever project was so satisfying, it felt like his efforts on himself and his growth didn't go to waste. what he was building uo throughout the show felt like he was getting stronger and putting him mind to the test at the very end was what this show really did well at. even though my favourite ending was the film instead of the actual series, i still think this ending was extraordinary and deserves alot of praise. it's beautiful. this show also deserves SO much praise on character building. it really shows us how much asukas mind deteriorates into a state of madness. as much as it hurt me seeing her in pain, it was such a good move. it really shows us that these children are still children, they're 15 and not capable of these heavy burden ls being put onto them and their lives. they're still human too. all they wanted was praise and know that they're worth something. i love them all  no words can sum up how perfect this show really is. what i feel like they couldn't done better is go more in-depth with shinji and kaworus relationship. in the manga it showed that they did love each other, IN a homosexual manor, but the anime just showed us them bathing together and talking like twice. thats it? it would've left a bigger emotional impact for when **SPOILERS**  shinji beheading kowaru for the audience if we saw their relationship bloom more and see them being friends and doing friendship things since the anime obviously doesn't allow gays. hearing shinji say that kowaru betrayed him after finding out he was an angel didn't feel right as their interactions were very limited in the anime. at least the manga gave us something to see how close they were. it also would've made the film make more sense. when everyones most important person came to collect them, shinjis was kowaru. but that wasn't shown as much as it should've been in the anime. it would've made more sense and felt more right if we saw them interact more. it was adorable though. 

9/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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