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fuck man, where do i begin? every time i think about this it makes me want to fuckn cry. i think both ending were beautiful, showing two different ways shinjis life could have ended up was amazing, it gave me so many perspectives to look down upon this show. i would understand why alot of people didn't like the original series's ending, but i think it was perfect. leaving us with so many questions was so like evangelion, it left such a greater impact on me, if they ended it with all the questions answered i dont think it would've imprinted on me like it did. but we aint here to talk about the series. the movie is probably my favourite ending out if the two. showing how shinji rejected the human whatever project gives me such an ominous and terrifying feeling that i adore! i think it definitely portrays shinji and how his mind works. shinjis confidence has never been high, the show shows us the process of him growing as a human, at the end the show puts him to the test, and basically quizzes him on the self growth he has had, the movie shows us that he failed the quiz. i think this is beautiful because it really brings us down to earth and reminds us that shinji is mearly a human, he fails too. he isn't immune to failure. him failing to accept his fate destroys him even more. the final scene of the film was what i fucking love to see, a blunt ending of asuka roasting his ass, it really shows us how shiji couldve or had turned out. i definitely recommend this.

10/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall

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