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Jul 21, 2023

People who like vintage niche shit are going to enjoy this. Most are here for Banco and Maraich so let me toss in my penny: They're the first ('unironic' feels important to put here) queer couple to be represented on live television in an anime if I have my facts correct. Also note that this isn't BL or yaoi or whatever you want to label it, because the story is indifferent to the fact that they're gay. They just exist. Surprisingly progressive for something airing at that time which I didn't expect, I kind of came into this show just wanting to watch some corny and aged gay romance but came out feeling pretty touched by the sentiment of how they were treated as characters.

> general / It's a good timekill and obviously isn't the peak of storytelling, but the art direction is always on point.

> characters / Tend to rely on reocurring gags for their personality (most noticable: Bancoran thinking with his dick.) But we do get growth and history in certain episodes. A very select amount but it's fine and considering the nature of the show it gives you just enough to work with. There's like maybe five episodes out of the fourty nine avaliable that I'd consider to be tragic/emotional.

> sound / It's old, dude. I can't fairly critique the sound of a fourty year old show. The analog sound quality is great in my opinion and matches the vividly colored (but fuzzy LOL) and atmospheric environment of the show.

An honest public opinion, I'd give this an 8, but personally among what I've watched this is an easy ten. I finished it in two days and usually I tend to stall on things or drop them entirely if I don't hyperfixate on them or get really drawn in--so this was quick for me! I'm a sucker for queer themes and older media, this is one of the few anime I've had the urge to revisit again later.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
8/10 overall

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