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Duke's Private Tutor

Jan 12, 2022

First off, I would like to say that my rating for Yaoi and normal mangas WOULD NOT BE THE SAME simply due to expectations and culture surrounding the two different genres are not the same.

I have read many yoai mangas, some listed on my profile and some I didn't list on my profile so I will be basing my reviews off of the yoai universe and the subcultures in them.

this review is mainly spoiler-free

 Now let's start.

I would like to start of saying that this manga is not all that bad. In the Yoai universe this is an okay plot. Not the best but we have to acknowledge the low standards of the content we get with smutty yoai books. Normally I would say beggers cant be choosers but damnit. I just want a good smutty book with a set of chapters while having a decent plot. Did we get this here? NO. No we did not. 

Excuse me but I'm going to rant a little bottle below.

Story- 5/10

Why 5/10 Meaghan? You may ask. BECAUSEEEEEEEE this story had so much potential, so much and I felt like the writers etc felt lazy about it. This book could have easily been a gem but it was mishandled by someone who didn't know its worth.  I would try my best not to spoil it but... 

The main issue I have with this story (plot) is that its stagnant. From the title of the manga, we all know that the main character is or will be the Duke's private tutor so what happens after the MC becomes the duke private tutor? We ( the viewers) dont know as the writers never went into it. The writers missed the opportunity to inform the viewers about the world setting, how is the duke viewed by his citizens or anything. The viewers know nothing about this world so the viewer cant form any sort of connection to the plot of the settings or something. 

Characters- 7/10 

What can I say? I was rather nice giving this mark but it's yaoi we talking about. 

I can say NOT A SINGLE ADULT IN THIS STORY HAD ANY PERSONALITY OR SUBSTANCE TO THEM. An exception to this is the MC old roommate and the neighbouring county eldest daughter. That is it. No one else.

The MC had personality in the beginning and that same basic personality never develop or grow. We did not get to see any other side to him ( not sexual, sad, crying, happy not those basic ass emotions I'm talking about. I mean like how did the MC deal with this situation or that situation, what is his weakness, his passion, what does the MC values or whats its code of ethics etc)  and it is really unfortunate because they wasted him. 

The same criticism can be said for the Duke. The viewers need more from him as well. Even the translators/scanners were poking fun at him in some chapters and understatedly so. Here are some questions I have for the writers of duke, 

  • Given his background, at what age did he become the Duke? What were his emotions when he found out about his parents? What were the challenges that the duke had to face as he was thrown into the responsibility of a duke at such a young age? Who cared or who was the duke been able to rest his head on? if it was nobody then does that cause the reason for the Duke to be behaving in the manner that he is currently behaving in? 
  • What made the Duke like the MC? Like, give the viewers a better answer than the half-hearted answer you give us in the manga. Okay the Duke like the MC but what caused him to fall in love with the MC? We should have seen a few scenes where the Duke was battling jealously or temptations or something like in a MATURE way.  I say this because you cant have the Duke acting all cold, distant and mature before he fell in love with the MC and then all of a sudden he gets jealous and starts to react to it in a rather immature way that's quite childish.
  • Why does the Duke have that kind of relationship with his brother? What caused the brother of the Duke to act that way towards him?
  • What is the relationship of the Duke and his brother to the citizen they are in charge of? How do those citizens view the duke and his family? 
  • What about homosexuality? What's the status of that in the MC world?

So you see my problems with this manga. Normally I wouldn't criticise it so much as I have low standards for yaoi (but I still love yaoi) but this manga had so many chapters and nearly all were wasted. It's a shame to be honest oh oh well. on to the next manga.

The art is basic. Nothing to extra to make be go "Wow" as its just like any other basic webtoon that is coloured. 

I saw someone in another review mention a word that rhymes with "grape".  I wouldn't say it have "grape" in the traditional sense like how other manga does but I think a better would be sexual assault. I say this as it didn't have the typical elements of "grape" but it was almost like they consent to it after a few seconds. Look Idk how to explain it, but read the first few chapters and you will see what we are talking about and you would see why I said sexual assault is the better word to use as the Duke fuck the shit out of the Mc after the MC  sexual assaulted him by touching his peepee or something so. Can't remember all too well to tell without spoiling the manga.  I'm serious because after some time this manga goes from teaching to let's see how many times we can "empty" each other. This once again strengthens my point of this being a wasted manga. 

Thank you for reading my ted talk.

5/10 story
8/10 art
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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