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Body parts turning into random foods?  Move over, Bugsnax!



The episodes are broken down into "case of the day" stories.  The first couple are only an episode in length, while the latter half of the series entertains two-part stories.  The overall theme is the same:

Between strange little mischevious youkai and human stress, the issue stressing the person out often turns into a very strange mutation of a body part.  Since normal doctors can't deal with it, follow the unusual Ramune (and his assistant, Kuro) as they solve and heal patients afflicted with the strange body-horror like diseases.

The first couple episodes are a little strange, but all of them (save perhaps the second episode) deals with very serious human problems.  Though it's strange that the "diseases" all involve a body part turning into some sort of food product, the human aspect of the cases are interesting. 

While there is no overall antagonist, each case has an antagonist to it with those "human problems".  6/10



The driving force of this anime is its characters; and not just the protagonists, but the characters whom the protagonists help in the cases.  The show has a very "human" aspect to it and plays on human emotions.

Ramune - A young man who lives at a temple and is the Special Disease Doctor.  His methods are somewhat unorthadox and sometimes involves a risk on the part of the patient, but he's empathetic and honest as well as just an all-around nice guy who sometimes can't help but get personally involved in the cases.

Kuro - A reticent middle-school student who assists Ramune.  At first he comes off as cold and calculating, but slowly starts to open up a little during the "Popcorn Head" arc.

There are, of course, other characters as well as those who come to Ramune with problems, but some of them are best left to introduce themselves in the anime rather than some random reviewer giving away hints about them.

The characters don't particularly stand out, but they also aren't dull.  Ramune doesn't change much of at all throughout the series, but Kuro and the others do.  Watching them face their fears/problems and how they handle it is the only reason I'm giving this a decent score in this category.  I'd give more points if I could still recall any of the names past the main protagonists.  6.5/10


Sound and Animation

No complaints for either.  The voice actors do a good job in bringing the characters to life, and there really weren't any problems in the BGM.  That said, I can't really recall the opening/ending songs now that it's been about a week since I've seen the anime, so I suppose they didn't leave much of an impression.

The animation did fine, particularly during the "Popcorn Head" arc.  I wasn't a big fan of the way some of their eyes were drawn, but that was just a personal nitpick which doesn't really impact the score.



I was relieved when this wasn't like House MD, since I'm not very fond of those sort of shows.  I feel it could have touched a little more on the supernatural aspect of it, but then again...people having their fingernails turning into chili peppers or growing gyoza on their ears is certainly supernatural.

All of the cases involve food in some way, as well as what the food represents as a result of the stress.  Only one of the cases didn't involve a body part turning to food, though it was still related to eating.  The entire food stuff is a bit weird, to be honest.  I wouldn't call it "horror" due to the silly nature of the body horror, but I'd add a little tag on that.

Personally, I enjoyed this series.  It was a fun series to watch, and since it was episodic in nature it was easy to take breaks between the arcs. 

That said, the first couple episodes were a little hard to get into.  I was rather confused during the first one, and only the comedy aspect in the second one kept me watching.  Once you hit episode 3, you've gotten over the hurdle this series produced for itself.

The silliness of body parts turning to food also conflicts heavily with the serious nature of the cases; that "human aspect" I talked about earlier.

The anime deals with serious issues such as child negligence, kidnapping, friendships, and family drama.  Sometimes, it's hard to take some of those seriously when popcorn is coming out of someone's head or you see chili peppers on their fingers.

Plus, one has to wonder just what hospitals are thinking when someone walks in with something like that fused to their skin.  Why is nobody really freaking out?  Or have they just accepted that it's a thing and give Ramune a call whenever they get a "strange" patient?

Speaking of Ramune, I would have liked to know a little more of his backstory.  We get a tiny bit, but not really anything concrete.  If anything, the anime feels like it's either advertising for the manga by giving viewers a "bite" of what it contains, or that it needs another season to cover these things.

Despite that, each arc wrapped up fairly cleanly without any gaping plotholes from what I was able to tell.  When I finished the series, I only had questions about Ramune's past and nothing else.

It's a solid watch, though prepare for some dark content starting about midway through.  Even so, fans of the unusual/supernatural will probably enjoy this.  7/10

6/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
6.5/10 characters
7/10 overall

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