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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Dec 24, 2011

Let's start with the beginning...the opening and ending songs (Japanese version) were great the entire way through from what I can remember.  Even the first English dub opening is appropriate for the series and catchy, and is actually better than the dubbing job, itself. 

I suggest, if you can, to watch it subbed; subtract 1-2 points from Overall and about 10 points from Sound for the English dub version, because it's that awful.

If your favorite character turns out to be Judai (Jaden), increase the Overall rating by 2-3 points; the show is extremely Judai-centric.  If your favorite character doesn't turn out to be Judai, decrease the Overall by 1-2 points since you probably won't enjoy it as much.

The anime, itself, started off strong with a Jounouchi (Joey)-like protagonist.  Unlike its predecessor, GX features your typical headstrong, hot blooded idiot of a main character with a perpetual cheerful attitude and a natural skill for the game.

However, the characters are extremely flat, especially the protagonist up until the third season where he changes too drastically and suddenly. 

GX, like its predecessor, has the WORST assortment of side-kicks in terms of skill level and screen time.  Shou (Syrus) and Hayato (Chumley) are jokes for the majority of the first season, then eventually fade into the background halfway through the second season (Hayato vanishes completely).  Shou remains as a supporting character throughout the series (with a couple episodes involving him as more than a cheer squad), but it would have been nice to see him and some of the others get a larger role.

The third and fourth seasons also completely killed the show.  The third season brought in new characters that all but replaced some of the characters we grew to love in the first two seasons.  The fourth season, with the exception of a couple episodes, was actually painful to watch until the final two episodes.

If you like an anime packed full of cliches where it's the main protagonist that handles 99.9% of everything that happens, and everyone else winds up as a cheer squad, then you'll like this anime.  It has the typical shounen protagonist, as well as just about every shounen cliche you can find.

If you want an anime where the lead characters (plural, not just the main protagonist) grow and continue to shine and work together through the entire series in every season, and the plot is interesting, engaging, and slightly mysterious, then this anime is not for you.

3/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
3/10 characters
4/10 overall

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vagabond1 Jan 15, 2018

Okay I made an account just to leave this comment here. I watched Yugioh GX just cause I play the Yugioh duel links game and having watched the original series back in my childhood, I just said why not, lemme give GX a try, and I couldn't have been any more disappointed. Mate, yours is the only review which I agree to completely. Just finished watching this anime and oh boy, what a mistake. As you said, the show is extremely Jaden-centric with story which only 4 year old kids could have written. There's no real character development either. The show started off nicely with the season 1 being my favourite. I thought I was in for a treat but no. Season 2 marked the downfall of this show and by season 3, it was all dead. Really? Monsters fusing with the power of neo space? Power of light? Jaden turning all dark in the season 3 and where the crap were the other characters? I think the name of the show was Yugioh GX not Jaden GX. I was all in for introducing new characters in season 3 but what happened to the older characters who were supposed to be the bread and butter of the show? Jaden giving up lives of his old friends just to save a dude named Jesse who he just found few days ago? That was very irritating. I don't know what the story writers were smoking. Think those guys made a mistake by not giving any character developments to the other main characters. Chumley just disappears in mid air. Cyrus is more of a cheerleader the whole season. Chazz was supposed to be one of the main characters but look how they cut his role in half. Alexis was supposed to express her feelings towards Jaden but that never happened. And just like these fellas, other characters weren't given much emphasis. Lots of unanswered questions even at the end. Season 4 was painful to watch. Jaden's character is completely opposite. He's more rude, ruthless, unfriendly. That season was unwatchable. Season 3 and season 4 gave me cancer.

I was looking for reviews of this anime after completing the show looking for some sympathy by some guy who might have felt like me and all I could read over the internet was people saying "OMG THIS IS THE BEST SHOW EVER 10/10". Having watched top-notch anime shows myself, I feel this show is an insult to the anime community. Your rating of 4/10 is perfect for this. I get attached to the shows I watch and I regret watching this show. I won't be able to get over this for the next few days. Dammit. Thanks for bearing with me I needed to blurt everything out.