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The Seven Deadly Sins

Jan 7, 2019

I was surprisingly sucked into this anime.  The aesthetics are a little different from what I'm used to seeing as the lines are much rounder (especially noses).  I didn't know anything about the series before going into it as I found it when browsing Netflix, but I'm a little surprised there isn't more hype for this series.


A girl, who turns out to be a princess, stumbles into a remote tavern run by a mysterious and short man (and his friend, a talking pig) and passes out.  When she comes-to, she reveals that she is looking for the infamous Seven Deadly Sins; a group of criminals who supposedly betrayed the kingdom...only she wants them to save the kingdom from the corruption of the Holy Knights.


The mystery of the characters is probably one of the most interesting things about the series, and though there are only hints of the pasts of the characters in this season, it's still a satisfying amount and enough to start to get to know them.

Elizabeth - The third, and adopted, princess of the kingdom of Liones.  She is kind and doesn't quite understand some of the way the world works outside (leading her to have somewhat of a lack of reaction whenever Meliodas cops a feel).  Despite that she isn't built for combat, she still tries to help as much as possible and not be a burden on Meliodas, often showing a great determination and a mysterious power.

Meliodas - The owner of the Boar's Hat tavern and the leader of the Seven Deadly Sin; the Dragon Sin of Wrath.  He typically is easy-going and almost always has a grin on his face...and is a bit of a pervert when it comes to Elizabeth, but only to Elizabeth.  Despite being short and his jolly nature, there's more to him than meets the eye.

Hawk - A talking pig who is often quite full of himself, calling himself "Hawk-sama" (-sama denoting "Lord").  He's also the "Captain of Scraps Disposal"...which is just a glorified title for "tavern janitor".  He's very outgoing and isn't afraid to speak his mind.

Diane - The Serpent Sin of Envy, and a member of the race of giants.  Despite that, she's still a maiden at heart and has a crush on Meliodas which she doesn't even attempt to hide.  She doesn't really trust humans and has great prowess in combat, but eventually starts to show a softer side.

Ban - The Fox Sin of Greed with a mysterious power as he doens't seem bothered even when skewered or slashed.  He seems to be the typical rogue thief at first (his magical ability even reflecting on that), but there's much more to him and a deeper character than just what appearances would make it seem.  He is also Meliodas' best friend.

King (Harlequin) - The Grizzly Sin of Sloth; a fairy with kind heart and love for Diane who is no slouch in combat either when using his special weapon...just as long as he doesn't actually have to throw a punch.  He is probably the most cautious of the group, and easily forms suspicions.  He is shown to be able to hold a grudge as well.

There are many more characters, including antagonists, but to say more would be to spoil things.


Honestly, it was hard to write this review without including spoilers.  Normally I'd write a longer review, but it's best to go into this anime with the least amount of knowledge about the characters and plot as possible in order to enjoy all the twists and turns of the show.

On the surface it seems to be a comedy (and certainly has plenty of moments as such), but it can get into character drama as well...and one scene in the final battle did actually make me cry.  Where did the feelz train come from, I wondered.

The pacing of this season is great, and follows the manga fairly well (something that a lot of anime fails to do, especially while the manga is incomplete; at the time of writing this review, the manga is still incomplete).

Quite a few times, an episode would end with me saying:  "I have a LOT of questions!"

Some of those questions would persist, and it took me a lot of constraint to not look anything up online to see if some of my suspicions from the hints they dropped were correct (I'm glad I didn't).  However, the majority of the questions I had were all answered in later episodes.

Now, there were a couple questions which weren't answered until the Revival of the Ten Commandments season (particularly, one incident involving Elizabeth being in the line of fire).  I also wanted to know more about Meliodas' past, something this season only teases us with.  Still, that slow build of the protagonist and not revealing everything at once is also excellent character building.

This isn't a "one man show" like many other shounen anime.  For example, in Fairy Tail, Natsu typically fights the "boss" solo (or Goku in DBZ).  In this anime, other characters get the spotlight plenty of times and it takes more than just Meliodas to defeat their enemies. 

The protagonists certainly have a great amount of power (the anime is tagged "overpowered characters"), but it's balanced by the enemies having equal or greater strength without getting into what I would call "overpowered".

DBZ Frieza saga and beyond?  Overpowered.

This season of Nanatsu no Taizai?  Certainly not overpowered.  There are no sudden power boosts or "super saiyan" forms used to suddenly increase power levels during a fight; they go all-out from start to finish.

Between the characters, the building plot, the comedy, drama, fight scenes...I'd recommend this anime to everyone.  Be aware that there are some lewd moments, but mostly due to Meliodas being a pervert when it comes to Elizabeth (groping her butt, fondling her bust, and even stealing her panties at one point).  Frankly, it's not enough that I'd personally label it as "ecchi" (especially compared to some Isekai anime or even Negima), but it's something to be aware of.

There were even a couple times when the anime actually surprised me by going in a different direction than what I expected; some parts were just as predictable as other anime, but others took me by surprise.  I count that as something difficult to do with how long I've been watching anime, and all the varying genres I've seen.

The soundtrack is also amazing, and really brings out even more emotions and enjoyment while the animation is smooth and does include a good amount of blood to be "realistic" for battles, but not an overwhelming amount of gore to gross out people who dislike that sort of thing.

Again, I can't recommend this enough.  That said, as amazing as it is upon first watching it, going back after watching all of the available seasons (and perhapd even reading the manga) and re-watching this season adds a layer of depth which I noticed after learning about certain aspects and even dialogue.  To enjoy something a first time and then go back and watch it again (after learning about the truth of events) and gain an even deeper understanding of motives, actions, and even words from the characters...that's not something which many anime can do without taking something away from the initial viewing.

Nanatsu no Taizai manages to implament this system perfectly.

9/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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