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To be completely honest, I started and dropped this one on the first chapter. A couple months later I came across it on this site and the glowing reviews convinced me to try it again. Holy crap am I glad I did. This manwah (manhua? Not sure) is almost criminally underrated.

The comedy in the beginning is pretty absurd but it slowly begins to get more serious. I almost miss it now that I'm over a hundred chapters in and the story is becoming really tense, but it’s good. There's lots of characters but they're all given distinct designs and proper introductions and arcs, so it’s not overwhelming. 

The storyline is pretty complex too, there’s multiple battles and wars and court politics, but it handles complicated issues much better than a lot of other mangas i’ve seen, it doesn’t overload you with tons of dialogue 

And the romance. Like the other reviews, this is slow burn to the max. Honestly though? I don't mind because the relationship is one of the most well developed that I’ve seen. They really do become friends, and then closer and closer in a believable buildout. It’s clear they really do deeply care for each other before it will bud in the more traditionally physical aspect of romance. 

Also I adore the empress dowager, she’s super cool and hilarious. 

10/10 story
9/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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