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Such is the fanfare of online poker that with every passing day, more and more players are trying out their luck in a hand of poker tournaments. There are many rules that have been specifically designed in keeping the requirements of a tournament. These rules generally differ from one poker site to another. Each site has molded the poker rules as per their requirements.

Following are a few general rules that are applicable to an online game of poker:
- Most of the online poker games ensure that the game is played in all fairness. Even if the players compromise on technicalities, they need to ensure that the players are not compromising on the fairness and playing the game with all their heart.

- Each poker game starts and ends at a scheduled time. Anyone who wants to play poker new online casinos and experience the joys of a tournament needs to ensure that they read through the timings in advance.

- Every tournament has an information section. The players are supposed to read through this information and understand the various nuances associated with it. This section addresses the various do’s and don’ts that’s associated with a game of poker tournament.

- The selection of seats for players is done by the poker site and cannot be selected or changed by the players.

- The player seated at seat 1 will find a button next to him that can be used to start the game.

- If it is a fixed limit game, then the players should be aware of the maximum amount of times they can raise the bets.

- Most of the poker sites have a lobby, where the prices will be handed over at the end of the game. The prize in question may or may not be in direct co relation with the amount of bet consolidated during the tournament. It is advisable that before starting out on a game of poker, one actually goes through the prize structure. The prize structure is dependent on factors like the number of players, the number of rounds and so on.

There are many online poker sites that encourage the players to try out their luck in a game of poker tournament and ensure that they win the same with great ease. These tournaments can be played amongst friends or a group of strangers as they might actually decide and want to.

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