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Ukes That Can Throw A Punch

Ukes don't always have to be gentle and delicate. These boys are more than capable of handling their own!
1 Dear Benjamin

Dear Benjamin

Isaac, a mysterious omega, is much more than he lets on. SPOILER ALERT: he actually has 2 identities! In one world, he's a loving father to his son Benjamin and runs his own flower shop. In the other, he's a deadly, military-trained assassin with a huge arsenal of guns up his sleeve. 

2 Hold Me Tight

Hold Me Tight

Felix may like it when Giovanni takes the lead, but he's not afraid to fight back when the situation calls for it. He'll do whatever it takes to protect his loved ones. In college, he was a star tae kwon do athlete, and worked as a professional bodyguard after his career ended. 

3 Legs That Won't Walk

Legs That Won't Walk

Sooyoung is a retired boxer who accidentally got thrown into the yakuza's world. He's tough, hardened, and refuses to beg for his life, even in the face of death - he'll go down fighting. Even though his leg is crippled, he can protect himself just fine. He just chooses to let his boyfriend take care of him. 

4 Love Shuttle

Love Shuttle

Doyun's a half-omega who refuses to let any alpha walk over him. While he has no formal combat training, he'll beat up anyone who gets in his way. 

5 Red Candy

Red Candy

Shihyeon works as an undercover agent for the private security company, Vulture. He can be clumsy around his crush (aren't we all?) but he's actually pretty badass. He was given his code name, Red Candy, after he took down his enemy and left a bloody mess. 


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