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Dec 18, 2010

This review is so painful to have to write. I wanted to like Bakuman, I really did. As a manga, it's very high quality. The art is good, the characters (mostly) are good, the premise is good, the story is interesting and - and - and it's the biggest disappointment ever.

Let me start off by addressing something; I know standards are different in Japan. I don't care. In Death Note, I thought the sexist portrayal of Misa was used for characterization, to make a point, kind of like an Aldous Huxley character; no, Tsugumi Ohba's just sexist. That's it. Great writer, very sexist.

Takeshi Obata is one of the best artists ever. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with his art, but he decided that a more obnoxious style would be funnier, I guess. Didn't work for Rave Master, won't work for Bakuman.

Other huge problems with this series; it's rushed, too convenient, the shameless plugs were kind of clever at first but are now just annoying and stupid as all hell, the romance is on fanfic level, the protagonist is an unlikable moron, his love interest is shallower than a puddle, the humor is trying way too hard but failing and the dialog is unnaturally written.

Yet - it's good. Bakuman is actually good. No, it's nothing like the masterpiece of manga that was Death Note, but it is interesting and when it's good, it's fantastic. The protagonist's mangaka partner is just great. You can really get behind him and most of the characters are likable. There are so many stupid moments but when they're making manga, it's some of the most entertaining stuff ever.

And again, the problem I have with the art is a personal one - it has nothing to do with Takeshi Obata's considerable talent.

But. But. But.

This is the best you could do after Death Note? 

6/10 story
8/10 art
7/10 characters
7/10 overall

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Rebkkah May 21, 2013

I've only read the first 2 chapters so far, but I have to say that I have already noticed some sexist tendancies. "She was born with the ability to sense that being too smart isn't cute."? Seriously?

I'm going to keep reading because the general consesus is that this manga is a good one, but I really hope this kinda of thing is (at the very least) more subtle in later issues.

CannedBread Nov 19, 2011

I don't know what you mean when you say "obnoxious style." I haven't read Bakuman yet but I did read a good ammount of Rave Master and didn't find it obnoxious. Except the group of three comic relief characters who shall not be named.

Ryokashi Jan 1, 2011

Er, how is Ohba sexist?


The ONLY character portrayed in that manner in Death Note was Misa. No one is portrayed in that fashion in Bakuman. You seem to be making this entirement up on the fact that Misa acted sluttish in Death Note. Writing one character does not make someone sexist.


This is not a reoccuring trend. In fact Ohba seems fairly feminist with most of his work, showing the impact that the actions of the protaganist have on them in a way that makes the reader feel bad for them at times. Misa was not written to be disliked, she was written to be naive. Writing a naive character does not make an author sexist.