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Premise - So Rosario to Vampire has returned, this time even shallower than before.

A Little Introduction- The inconsistent, pathetic excuse for a plot and terribly ineffectivedrama that made up Rosario to Vampire wasmade even worse by the mismatch of art and narrative as well as completely flatcharacters and eventually it just became an excuse for Tsukune to spout some shallow, pretentious speech about coexistence and have every female inthe room swoon.

The Sequel - But Rosario to Vampire Season 2 is different.Note: This review is based off of the first chapter only. That's how much I could take before I had to bang myhead against a bookcase.

Art - Rosario to Vampire'spathetic attempt at a plot is thrown aside andbecomes Rosario to Vampire SeasonTwo, where the author puts even less effort - even into the art. The art wasn't very fittingfor the story before, but itwas obviouslyquality art. In this the art doesn't even have any regard for proportions.

Characters - The characters are introduced even flatter then before and really the only interesting element to any of them is the supernatural element and since that in itself is not very interesting, not of the characters can be sympathized with.

Another thing about the characters is overall they show no change from the previous manga - the exceptions being they're slight change in appearance and Tsukune and Moka being slightly more self aware. The type of manga Rosario to Vampire was required character development. But of course, it couldn't deliver even that.

The Plot - Nonexistent.

Summary - Unsympathetic flat characters, nonexistent story and carelessly drawn art makes for another terrible manga.

?/10 story
4/10 art
1/10 characters
1.7/10 overall
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randomguy87 Mar 15, 2018

Judging it by one chapter, might as well not review unless you're reviewing that one shot prototype.

HazyDestiny Nov 28, 2016 gotta be kidding me! You're basing this whole fantastic Manga on the FIRST chapter. I'm sorry to tell you that if you stopped reading there, then you missed out on a whole lotta growing up. Tskune growing a backbone, for example. I really pity you, because you just missed out on a absolutely fantastic Manga, although I can't say the same about the anime though.....

Karote Jan 25, 2014

I will laugh so hard when this review author actually reads further in manga and realises how wrong he was.

jetbence Dec 30, 2011

I just finished the latest chapter, i read all 48 chapters under 2 days, and i have to say that its pretty good, the plot is starting to get very interesting, and i really like the ecchi-thing in the whole series, and the connection between Tsukune and the heart-warming:D

BrainBlow Nov 12, 2011

I agree with PurpleFeeling. The only thing the Rosario to vampire manga has pissed me off with is that I have become increasingly frustrated at the anime.

With every chapter I see more and more what a terrible adaptation the anime is.