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Slave B

May 6, 2020


It truly starts off good. While I was reading this, I started feeling intensely interested. It kept pursuing me to keep reading. And then.. boy oh boy. Mc becomes, not a king yet, but a peasant of simp nation- to a bratty elf that hates his race. Despite this, his feelings towards her remain quite infatuated. 

There was also this other girl, who shares the same race as him, she's sweet and kind. Oh, but she's fat. Mc gets aggressive towards her for trying to be a good person and completely snaps in the early chapters. He tells her not to cry like it's disgusting to see it, despite him clearly crying in some moments. 

I personally don't approve so that's why I gave it a lower rating. I base my reviews more off of my emotions reading them than the actual story.

The story itself is an interesting concept in my opinion. 

To me it kinda has the same vibe as black clover, so if you like that show, then give it a go! :)

10/10 story
8/10 art
4/10 characters
6/10 overall

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RacoonMan78 Jun 11, 2020

The MC gets mad at her because they are both slaves, but she can't do anything right and she just makes life harder for both of them, not because she's fat. I also don't really get the "peasant of the simp nation" part of the review, since the MC is an adolescent (I think) so it's normal for him to fall in love with someone, especially since that elf is considered beautiful in the show, it just makes it a bit more realistic since he's a kid.