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KarinXOXO Jul 26, 2020

Hi sweets, no worries! Please take care of yourself and hope you feel better soon! Sending thoughts, prayers and kisses!

devileditsz Jul 12, 2020

Yes, I did 

KarinXOXO Jul 11, 2020

This anime sounds very interesting actually! Hoping you are liking it!

KarinXOXO Jul 11, 2020

LOL this image! Keep 'em coming! <3

KarinXOXO Jul 11, 2020

Hey Yoouuu!

Yes, I am from NY but not the city LOL We were hit hard in the very beginning of it all which was in mid-March. Now it seems to have tampered off a bit and the Southern states are getting hit hard now.

My parents came over to visit a bit which was nice since have stayed away from them for many months. They stayed all day so made strawberry pancakes for breakfast, made quesadillas for lunch and ordered pizza out for dinner LOL

I have been listening to this group as of late

Hope you are doing well where you are!