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CrimsonCondor Nov 10, 2019

An unexplainable feeling? Is it a good feeling or a bad one? I never got bored with you. It just confused me and made me think you didn't wanna talk anymore when you did that, oof. I agree about people. I'm busy with school. Lots of assignments. I'm thinking of doing school online next year, I can't handle the anxiety anymore. 

St3ph1 Oct 31, 2019

Hi, yeah it's pretty good, what's your favourite

JaneTheKiller Oct 6, 2019

hi wanna be friends?

CrimsonCondor Sep 28, 2019

It's fine, take your time responding! I won't stop the behavior if you just tell me, I promise. Why would you think I didn't want to talk to you? And you should've warned me before you deleted it, it confused me and made me think you didn't wanna chat, oof. I argue with my peers regularly, but it's whatever, I'm used to it. People suck and are never worth my time, so I don't care how they feel. What have you been busy with?

CrimsonCondor Sep 11, 2019

Actually, I "disappeared" last year because you deleted your Discord account without warning and your replies on here back then were sporadic. I couldn't understand the signals you were exuding. Sorry if there was a misunderstanding. I stopped using A-P after that, but I recently returned with this account. I don't plan on leaving it after all I've done to make it look nice haha. And please tell me how you figured out it was me Q~Q Maybe it was my disagreement with another user, or maybe I told someone my birth name on here and you saw it? Sorry, but I'm male, and I have always felt this way. I am biologically female but psychologically male, so I prefer to be called male. School is stressful because I'm in really advanced classes, but it's otherwise going well. I had a few issues with other students, but that's about it. How has school been for you?