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Aug 1, 2020

The story was going amazing for me - romance, comedy, drama and everything you would like in a romance, SoL manga. Our main characters are very interesting, the way their relationship is progressing (maybe a bit puzzled at some quite fast-paced instances but story still great!) is a nice change from other romance manga, and the side characters are great as well... until Ch.50. 

In Ch. 50, something major happens between Morimiya and Hori which makes you excited for what's to come, yet the manga begans to slowly drift away the attention from them and starts to focus mostly on the side characters. By Ch.70, I was pushing myself to read this manga, hoping that the focus would go back to our main couple, but barely anything. Frustrated with barely anything new happening between Morimiya and Hori, who are supposed to be our main focus of the story (it's called Horimiya for a reason... right?), I had to drop this manga at Ch.106 (10 chapters away from the last, recent update). Don't get me wrong, I care for the side characters and their everyday stories, but that's not the reason I started reading this manga. 

Overall, if you don't mind the main focus changing from the main couple to entirely their friends midway through the manga with little attention to the main couple afterwards, then you may like this manga.


Apparently I've heard that the story (from Ch.50 to onward) will not focus back to Morimiya and Hori anytime soon, since the web version of this manga  is currently releasing chapters about the side characters and their lives and just that.

7/10 story
9/10 art
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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