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Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-Kun (My heartfelt sympathy Ninomiya-kun) is a 12 episode ecchi harem anime. Be warned, I do hate the ecchi/harem genres so take heed of my words. Shungo Ninomiya is an extraordinary teenager who gets into the situation of looking after an androphobic (fear of males) succubus. Instant fail. And I've seen this type of story before. Not to mention she wants to fall in love, but if she gets intimate, the guy will die. It goes without saying I was drinking for this anime. No way I'd watch this sober.


The animation quality is fairly good for a 2007 anime. The style is very generic however, with over stylised eyes for some characters. I've can't count how many times I've said this before. This is an ecchi anime and with it comes gratuitous panty shots and bouncing breasts. At least they aren't unrealistically large, but Mayu has boobs too big for the rest of her body. And of course there is more fan-service when they get into wierd situations. Such situations include Mayu getting water sprayed al over her when she is wearing naught but a white dress, exposing her breasts through the resulting transparency. This is purposefully done in an attempt for comedy, which is what ecchi really is. It's an attempt of making perverted shit funny and honestly, it doesn't work for me. I don't find pervy shit funny, though I did laugh at the likes of 'Baka and Test' and 'The Dictator'. I'd be forgiving of baring skin if it were done in a sensible, adult manner. But it isn't. Shameless. Of course there's girls fondling each other. There are cross-dressing muscle men in bunny suits too, who speak very terrible English.


The sound is the best bit of this anime, but its not amazing. It's fairly decent like the animation quality, but isn't so amazing that I wanted to download the OST. However, the first music in this anime sounded so damn awesome that it almost made me want to. Most of the music is orchestral/intsrumental and fits fairly well. It does have the cheesy romantic jazz on occasion, which kinda tries to add comedy at times. No fault with the music though the sound design could be better. It feels like the music is overused. Sometimes, no music is better than having music. The anime itself is only avaiable in Japanese audio, so subtitles required.  These voice actors are present in many well known animes but I can't be asked to detail it.


Shungo Ninomiya is the typical highschool student harem protagonist, but he actually the opposite of a loser. He's a bit of an extraodinary individual, being trained as a mercenary by his older sister and being the most popular boy in school among the girls. The first scene after the intro is him tied up and being sexually harassed by his female classmates. I though he was going to get raped or something. Of course, all of the boys in school hate him, obviously as the jealous group of schoolboys trope. There is something to suggest that Mayu is a childhood friend too, but of course harem trope: he doesn't remember her. No parents, they are off aborad, some shit escuse but at least they've been acknowledged. He lives with his sister who is always on scene with a video camera when he is about to get close to a girl, to record it and spread it on the internet I assume. He's also a bit perverted, trying to take advantage of sleeping Mayu, but not the first scene in the school medical room. A typical harem protagonist, made worse by the fact that every girl likes him. NOT something to be envied. Trust me, it's not fun being secually harassed by girls, no matter how hot they are. Even if they shove my face into their breasts (motorboating)... ... ...enough of the off-topic. He is the only one qualified to look after Mayu, since he is somewhat immune to her uncontrolled succubus powers.

Mayu Tsukimura is a succubus who fears guys. Succubi have the power to attract men, but Mayu can't control her power and all the guys turn into pervert zombies when she is present, moreso when she is scared and/or worried. When they so as touch her, they faint. Shungo is the only one who is not affected by this. However, if a guy was to get close to her, say by kissing her or by 'making babies,' then the guy would die as she would inherently steal their life-force as a succubus. She has pink hair and big boobs, another friggin trope. She is quite shy, but has a history with Shungo, the only guys she statrs to tolerate. She wants to get romanically involved with him, but being a succubus she can't do it without killing him.

Reika Houjo is the typical bitch, tsundere, wealthy, ojou-sama, student president character in this anime. She somehow ends up working as a maid at Shungo's house, this is obviously because she wants him for herself. Another trope, do I need to explain her? She has a side-kick, Mitsuru Hosaka who tries to help her seduce Shungo and suggests crazy ideas to her. Did I mention she has small (normal) breasts, which she is upset about, in the typical shitty ecchi manner. Her rival in love, Mayu has bigger breasts and she won't stand for this. She also has many maids and underlings at her disposal for her nefarious schemes.

Shungo's adult sister Ryouko Ninomiya is a tough mercenary and ends up working at the school as both the nurse and the teacher. A shallow character who doesn't do much, except disappear with Mayu's older brother Mikihiko Tsukimura, often to put Shungo and Mayu in embarrasing situations to film it. Honestly, I thought these two elder siblings had something going on. Especially as Mikihiko is the male counterpart to a succubus, an incubus, not a succubus. Succubi are only female, while incubi are only male. Ryouko also treats her younger brother like a slave, he has to do the housework and cooking in the large house she has somehow obtained.

Other characters are not that interesting. Hinoka Ayakawa is the leading culprit when trying to sexually assualt Shungo at the start and like every other girl, wants Shungo for herself. She eventually becomes friends with Mayu, after initial rivalry. There's the trope glasses girl Irori Okushiro, another girl infatuated with Shungo and happens to have big boobs, though not as big as Mayu's.


Mayu is in the care of Shungo and he has to even sleep with her. This is because he is unaffected by Mayus's uncontrolled powers and everyone wants to cure her fear of men. Of course I mean literally sleep, most harem ecchi don't have the guts for characters to actually have sex, despite non-harem ecchi anime managing to do it and do it in a sensible manner. Shungo is the most popular boy in school, among the girls anyway. The girls are always trying to woo him. Mayu makes friends, various girls get introdued, theres an episode where Mayu is trying to hide BL manga (gay love, probably hentai) from everyone at the end. And she reads it next episode (while Shungo is asleep in the bed near her) and then proceeds to draw her own. They do the cliche trope ecchi thing where they make something appear to be sexual when it really isn't, playing twister in this case. Nothing really happens for overall story as is usual for harem ecchi. There is no plot. Just pervy antics. I am sick and tired of these terrible stories which are the same, where nothing actually happens! There's even an entire episode spent on Shungo's quest to make ramen noodles for his sister. All of the girls end up in the kitchen wearing naught but school swimsuits and aprons. Afer a big deak is made of it, she ends up eating a friggin cup noodle given to her by Reika and she doesn't eat the ramen made by Shungo and gang. For no apparent reason, every female character ends up wearing school swimsuits and aprons. Plot progression is the main thing harem ecchi's lack, however I recently gave 11eyes a decent score since it actually had a plot and that was a harem/ecchi.


I honestly got bored of it, so much so that I started to write this review in the middle of watching it. Due to the sheer boredom. I don't see the point in harem ecchi like this, where it lacks a story. It doesn't even have too much perverted ecchi, so the perverts won't even find anything here. There are worse (more perverted anime) out there, but they'd probably want to go look up porn instead. If this is supposed to be funny, I didn't laugh once. And I was drunk, which makes me more susceptible to laughing at terrible anime. Not even alchohol curbed my cynicism toward this anime and all that are like it.

Family-friendliness Rating: 5/5 Would be 4 but the scene with the see-through white dress made breasts fully visible (lower is better)

Overall Rating: 2/10 (higher is better)

1/10 story
4/10 animation
7/10 sound
3/10 characters
2/10 overall

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SundayDeveluke Jun 23, 2021

"Be warned, I do hate the ecchi/harem genres so take heed of my words."

If you hate 'em why bother watching then?!