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Oct 27, 2014

Kampfer is a typical harem ecchi in a high school setting, where the main character can transform into a girl. Ugh, I hate this genre, so I sat down with a few drinks. While it is action and has a story, it is terrbly cheesy and full of tropes. But at least it still has a story unlike other anime, even if it's shit. A terrible story is better than nothing. Otherwise I'd advise avoiding this anime, despite a bit of subtext on the whole theme of love. It is the usual pointless harem anime however, where nothing really happens. Oh and while it is 14 episodes, episode 12 is an extra filler that has nothing to do with anything. Especially as it features both genders of Natsuru as a couple. The best bit about this, is probably the funny lesbian antics.


The quality of animation is very good for a 2009 anime. However, the style is not original despite decent use of comedic facial expressions. And then there's the ecchi. This is the typical lack of context, unjustifiable fanservice. I'm too tired of complaining about this. At least there isn't any actual topless scenes. The number of scenes where characters almost have sex in painful. Not sure where to fit this in, but they decide to change the intro & outro for the last 2 episodes, which is kinda pointless IMO.


Honestly, the music isn't all that terrible. The intro and outro's aren't cringeworthy and some of the sound design was decent. But it's not that great either. Not worth getting the soundtrack for at least. Kampfer is only availale in Japanese, though you'd think there'd be a german dub or something given the many German references. The voices aren't terrible, though the main character sounds like a girl, since they use the same voice actor or both male and female versions of the character. The entrails animals all have high-pitched girly voices, except for the lion. Oh and the penguin is voice acted by that person who always does tsundere character voices.


Natsuru Senou is your typical high-schooler harem protagonist... except he can turn into a girl. And an (arguably) oversexualised one at that. And this is his big secret. His taste in women is terrible as the girl he has a crush on, Kaede Sakura, is a total bitch who only likes him when he's a girl. And yes, he is still a gutless coward, using his female form to get closer to her, despite him wanting her to like the real, male him. Arguable indecisive since he doesn't go for any of the other potential romances, though he is dedicated to the one girl he'll never be with. And he is oblivious tothe feelings of other girls. Of course he doesn't bang her, the one time he gets a chance. As a guy. He's a tad shy about certain things while he's a girl, like how short his skirt is. And he is only of capable of fighting as his Kampfer (girl) form who uses fire. As is every other Kampfer. The female Natsuru is a school idol and is continually sexually harassed by other girls, not boys since the school is segregated and Natsuru is the only significant male character in this anime.

Speaking of bitch (pun totally intended), Kaede Sakura is a terrible human being. Love is something that goes beyond gender, where gender doesn't matter. Yet she only likes the female version of Natsuru. She only wants to use Natsuru for her bitchy deeds. She is agressive on the female Natsuru, groping her and the like. She also likes the 'Entrails Animal' franchise and is their biggest fan. Funny thing is SPOILER< She is the one with a harem in the end >SPOILER

Akane Mishima is the typical shy bookworm girl with glasses, who has a massive crush on Natsuru and unlike Kaede, she prefers the male version, though she won't discriminate against the female version and still loves Natsuru. Already a better person than Kaede. When she transfoms into a Kampfer, she becomes very aggressive and foul-mouthed. Shoots first, talks later.

Shizuku Sangou is the typical school president, has it all character. While rather calm she is the most sexually agressive, successfully locking lips with her beloved Natsuru on multiple occasions and also attempting to have sex with him. Of course she always fails. Her Kampfer is the most unique as the transformation barely changes her and her personality remains the same. She acts rather mature, despite her sexual agressiveness, since she doesn't want to fight the other Kampfer team without good reason. She questions the ideas of the moderators.

The final main character is Mikoto Kondou, Natsuru's childhood friend. For the first half, she is away travelling the world. She is very energetic/hyperactive and likes to cook curry and seduce Natsuru by wearing nought but an apron. She also gets a bit agressive in her Kampfer form.

The other characters aren't too amazing, though most of the chicks have a lesbian crush on the female Natsuru while hating the male one. Such terrible human beings, gender shouldn't matter when it comes to love.


The story is there, the Kampfer's are on two teams, red & blue and it is their job to fight each other. Though nobody really knows why, only that it is the wish of the moderators. Who are unknown. There are barely any fights, if I'm honest. The general story is done terribly too. The flow of the story is pretty bad, despite interesting twists and turns. The ending was abysmal as it just really had a lot of pointless filler. It ended in such a way, almost as if to say "See you in the sequel!" Which of course, there isn't a sequel, thank goodness. To me, this anime says a lot about love. There's no point in being attracted to someone for their looks, especially they think the same way and love won't become of it. They actually end up just wanting to use you. And gender doesn't matter when it comes to love, it should be for the personality inside. If someone one supposedly loves switches gender, that love should still be there. And good looks (being sexually attractive) will just attract a lot of unwanted attention, especially from those who don't appreciate the real person inside. That's coming from personal experience ;) One thing I agree with Shizuku on, is that sex is for genuine love and not for other reasons, like you've been told to do it by someone else. Enough of the rant, this review needs to end, I've messed it up by drinking through this anime already.


I would have said this is a harem ecchi with action and a story. Yet those two things are barely there and done terribly. Heck, even by adding a story, they still don't manage to fix the big problem that the plot of harem anime never goes anywhere. I enjoyed it a bit but it was definitely the booze. I do not recommend this anime to anyone, a waste of time. There is no point in this anime, especially since the story goes nowhere. Even for the perverts who want fanservice, there is something that does it better. It's called porn, I don't know if you've heard of it? Speaking of which, they mention porn in one of the episodes which made me laugh my face off.

Family-friendliness Rating: 4/5 It's ecchi, what did you expect? (lower is better)

Overall Rating: 3.5/10 (higher is better)

4/10 story
5/10 animation
6/10 sound
4/10 characters
3.5/10 overall

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