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School Days

Oct 5, 2014

School days is an ecchi harem* anime that is very different. This is the opposite of all those other terrible harem anime, as it actually has a story. A lot of people hate it, not cos it's bad, its actually decent. Reason: since the characters affect the story, it goes in a certain direction. Kinda like an action plot where the villian wins and enslaves the world. There were a lot of shocking moments. The mature themes of this anime certainly do not suit the high school setting and it reminds me of TV soap operas, which are terrible. If you watch this, watch all the way to the end. The moral of the story is "Romantic love does not actually exist." I'll have an extra spoiler section towards the end (#number) due to the very progressive story, which I don't usually do.

* - I hate the ecchi/harem genres and this will affect my opinion during this review

For an anime that came out in 2007, the animation isn't bad, but it doesn't stand out either. I've seen older anime that have done better. maybe it is because of the atmosphere of this anime. It has a certain style to it, but sticks to this style, perhaps for the better. The ecchi is actually rather minimal, mostly groping and the like, but it is surprisingly justified by context when it gets a bit more fan-servicey. Most of the mature stuff is actually implied though I think there might have been a topless scene. Might have. The sound was decent and suited the scenes. It wasn't spectacular enough to make me want to download it however. No epic orchestras or cool rock here. At least there's no cringey pop to ruin it. This anime is in Japanese, so English subtitles are required.

The characters are definitely the worst bit of this anime and of course this causes things to happen in the story. They are all terrible human beings, perhaps less than human. The girls have no sense of self-respect, lack the ability to judge character and none of the cast have any morals (#1). The worst bit is, people behave like this and do this sort of bullshit in the real world too. Of course this has the bullshit anime trope of there being no parents around ever! I'll start off with the best and most interesting character.

Kotonoha Katsura is a big-breasted high school girl who is rather shy and most importantly, mentally fragile. She comes from arich family and has a younger sister. Because all the boys like her {for her looks, fucking hormonal ingrates!}, it contributes to her being hated and therefore being bullied by most of the girls. This character's progression is very understandable, dare I say realistic. Her behaviour makes sense given what she goes through. Worst thing about her is the denial/bad judge of character. More on this character in the spoiler section (#2).

Makoto Itou is a high school boy who has a crush on Katsura. He is by far the worst character in this anime, possibly in all anime and he drives the shocking story. Thinks only with his dick and is no better than an animal. Take this character as an example, DO NOT BEHAVE LIKE HIM! All that said, at least he breaks the gutless harem protagonist character trope, but replaces it with something worse. Only a few words to say in the spoiler section, contributes to an unrealistic part of the plot (#3).

Sekai Saionji is a high school girl, who is Makoto's best friend and sits next to him in class. She seems to be a very empathic, understandable character. This character has me conflicted (#4).

The other characters aren't as important (#5).

The story, a controversial part of this anime that has people divided. It say it is similar to the 'Red Wedding' episode of Game of Thrones. One thing for sure, it is absolutely unsuitable for a high school setting, I don't care what the age of consent is in Japan. It is adult themed, though this doesn't mean porn/nudes whatever. There were a lot of moments that made me shout 'WHAT THE FUCK' very loudly and 'YOU ****ING [insert insult here]', probably disturbing the neighbours. As for the plot itself, it's actually good, very unpredictable and it even had foreshadowing (#6) towards the end! I hated it most of the way through and the ending made it bearable (#7). I was going to druck marathon this anime, which might have been a good idea in handling the bullshit.

Overall, watch this anime to learn how terrible people can be. Because there are people like this in real life. This is a realistic portrayal of how so called 'love' actually is and that isn't just me being cynical. I hated this anime, but the story was actually good and it was a decent anime. I think this is the first anime that I hate that I'd recommend/give a decent score.

Family-friendliness Rating: 5/5 Mature themes, very so (lower is better)

Overall Rating: 6/10


(#1) All of the girls fuck Makoto. Despit knowing he is a scumhole who cheates on his various girlfriends. The girls even set up a fuckbooth and film people doing shit in there and then watch it. And they bully Kotonoha and the various people who do shit in the fuckbooth.

(#2) She is psychologically messed up. And she is constantly in denial about her boyfriend cheating on her. How the fuck does she still like that scumhole? There is something unclear, at the end of episode 10/11 she did something with Taisuke. I'm not sure whether it was anything sexual in nature. Psychobitch kills the girl who was her only best friend and keeps the head of her dickman, who I'm not even sure she fucks, maybe in episode 12? She treats the disembodied, rotting head as if it were alive and runs off with it in her yacht. It's understandable how she becomes a psychobitch, since she goes through so much negative shit.

(#3) He fucks, every girl in this anime. Well, all of the characters that actually matter. And then ditches the girl he claims to love when she gets pregnant. Good fucking riddance, HOWEVER. Despite his bullshit, I am firm in my beliefs that nobody has the right to take another's life. Plus death was too easy, Saionji should have chopped his dick off and stuck him in a room with nothing but gay porn on a projected on the walls. MAN I HATE THIS LITTLE SHIT!

(#4) She still likes the bastard after he repeated cheats on her, even with her best friend and even after she gets her pregnant. She doesn't get the abortion, cos she's a dumb whore and she was actually pregnant at the end. It's just that Kotonoha was so far in denial/had killed the foetus, that and you couldn't see it through the gore/it hadn't developed to be large enough to see. She dies and I really don't care though she did kill Makoto, well done. For that I'll like the character.

(#5) See (#1) and Hikari Kuroda fucks Makoto, despite liking Taisuke, She could have done the same thing with him, he's a perverted freak all the same and would love to have his dick sucked. they are all shit character's.

(#6) The play that is watched near the beginning/middle appears in Saionji's mind in episode 12. The knife has more attention to it in episode 11, before it is used to kill Makoto in episode 12.

(#7) Makoto dies and Saionji dies. Also, none of the girls want anything to do with him after they find out he's inpregnated Saionji.

7/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
1/10 characters
6/10 overall

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