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mahius Apr 17, 2015

Well folks, I'm currently stalled on what is likely to be the last review I'll write, at least for a good while. It'll be done when I finish watching the anime itself. Of course, a lot of things are going on in my life right now and writing anime reviews is time consuming and it also slows the pace at which I watch anime, since I have tried to review everything I've watched within the past several months. I've found an awesome Youtube channel called Glass Reflection which does anime reviews, from a similar perspective to mine, but perhaps better. They seem to be more forgiving with the harem/ecchi genres, something I've struggled with and are more critical of the popular anime, another thing I attempted in my reviews. This guys reviews fill the hole which my reviews were intended to fill and that makes me breath a sigh of relief. All said and done, I'm not leaving, it's just that reviews won't be coming out since I'd rather spend that time watching more anime. All those anime on my 'to watch' list... of course I'll always be around for this great companion to anime. I'm going to relax a little, so keep that in mind when you see my ratings from now on, they'll be less legit and more opinionated. Cheers.

brokensaint058 Mar 9, 2015

Oh no, I by no means meant to rectify the score! That is why we all have different opinions, because deviation is awesome. I was just giving my own opinion on the show and your review came very close to that. I would not watch that thing twice, unless I was paid a hefty sum of money, maybe.

You know, alcohol-induced marathoning might have been a better option for viewing an anime of such caliber. Perhaps something to consider for the future...

Doremi Jun 20, 2014

Hello! :3

Grach Jun 12, 2014

Hello and welcome to AP!

Enjpy your time here!