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Xairyan Mar 31, 2021

I was not expecting a response O_O I think that more than enough clears it up thank u, and sorry if my message seemed a bit stand-offish, I just find a lot of people that have unjustified hate towards anime and it kinda irritates me. People are of course entitled to opinions but most of the time logic is kno where to be seen, often not even giving good reasons. But thank u for the in depth explanation u were under no obligation to do so but I appreciate the mature way in which u responded, Iv been block by a user for simply challenging their ridiculous and unnecessary comment, so I kinda expect that from others. Anyway hope life goes well and peace :) 

Xairyan Mar 26, 2021

My guy a serious question here, u said on a review you don't like ecchi, my question is why watch it then and the give them very low ratings??? This seem like silly logic to me as u can clearly see written om most tags ecchi so you are pre warned. I connot understand this, is reviewing things ur job?? So you want anything regardless. To me it's very unfair to rate something low if u know before hand the genre is not to ur liking. While I respect that u don't like these genres everyone has tastes and sometimes even for me I find it to be rather overdone and tasteless, I simply avoid the genre that I don't like. I hope u can shed some light on why this is to clear up my confusion. Thank u. 

just909 Apr 17, 2016

"Another, is an anime faithfully based on a novel written by Yukito Ayatsuji"

the novel actually was good unlike this piece of uttter crap it rushes and underminds stuff way too much and doesn't explain anything like they do in the novel much better.

"It is a mystery and a very well written one at that"

expect if you have a brain you can figure out everything in a second

"What I enjoyed the most about the story was that it was unpredictable and reasonably so"

so you forgot you brain?

"Characters were done very well, which may have been due to the fact that this was a novel"

expect everyone the "character" deaths were boring and more hillarious then anything else. the main duo are so cliche and dull that i could point to a better one is seconds (me and my room are more interesting then them). and no one else was given any proper time to be called relevant.

"I found it rather funny that this anime has a beach episide, however it is still to do with story and there is no aspect of ecchi in this anime"

expect the beach episode. which you just mentioned :/.

"It is mentally engaging to think and to try and solve the mystery in your head and speculate after each episode"

and you are done in two seconds :/.

"Overall rating: 10/10 (higher is better)"

the anime rating is 1/10 

and for you review its 

stupidness 10/10bad reasoning 10/10

lies 10/10

asspull reasoning 10/10

laughter 5/10 (try harder at being dumm)

have good day 

thor123 Oct 23, 2015

Oh well, even if you scored it a little higher than you would normally, a positive review is a positive review :)

I noticed that you've got a lot of great reviews for anime, although you might be a little fast to give 9 or more imo. Then again, lots of the anime you've reviewed aren't in my watched list yet, so I can't really speak for those. It's nice to see someone who's active and writes lots of reviews :D

Blossoms Jul 14, 2015

Hi :3

I'm glad you have written another review (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai) because it was great!

Your review covered a lot of topics which most people pretend don’t exist or just too lazy to incorporate e.g. animation or characters.

I have yet to write a review due to the time and effort it takes to write one (like you said below) although I love reading reviews as I can get a better understanding of the anime through people’s views and opinions (whether there good or bad :P)

I hope you carry on writing good reviews and enjoy watching all the new anime ^_^