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^_^      みなさん、こんにちは , Hello everyone      ^_^ 


About me:

In 2003 I "accidentally" discovered anime and I have been enjoying it ever since. 
When I was a student, I had lot of free time, so I watched lot of shows (but I have to say that first one was Naruto and second one was Bleach - maybe it's reason why these to shows are my most favourite).
But these days are long time gone. 
Now I have to split my time between work, playing PC games and watching anime ^_^ .
Unfortunately at these days my work takes me most of my time.
Besides anime it self I like listening to anime OST's. Especialy during my work trips  ^_^
I am huge sci-fi fan, but I am open-minded to any genres, so if you would like to recomend me new anime I should watch, feel free to leave comment on my profile ^_^ 


Fun fact about me:

I've been asked many times about my nickname.
Well, this story has two parts: Mad - part one and Mick - part two.

Let's start with part two. My name is Michal, but my US friends always called me Mickey (don't know why - maybe I look like Mickey Mouse, who knows ^_^ ). After time it was just Mick.

And now the funnier part - part one. Thats because I always get really mad, when some of my friends tells me (just for fun), that watching anime is waste of time. It always end up like this.

Now put mad together with mick and you have my nickname. I know, it's not funny at all ^_^


I joined Anime-Planet Welcoming Committee (WECO) which is here to greet and help out new members.  We need more Supporters!!!!!! If you're interested, click on banner or contact Sianeka :-)


My TOP 10 anime:

1.                             2.                             3.                           4.                             5.



6.                             7.                             8.                           9.                            10.



Well, I think that's all for now... I'll add more when I have more time.......... meanwhile enjoy some music ~( ̄▽ ̄)~





You still reading this???

 It's really end of my profile. Thanks for visiting ^_^


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sushisushisushi Apr 8, 2018

hi thanks for following me.


zerothehero Dec 25, 2017

Merry Christmas! :3

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sothis Dec 21, 2017

Hello! Just helping spread the word about A-P's new challenges feature - there's currently three to choose from, an anime watching challenge for the 2018 calendar year, a similar manga reading one, and a winter 2018 seasonal one. There's dango levels and such for watching/reading certain amounts. 

Would love your feedback if you end up trying them out! More info about them is in the announce

FullmetalDragon Oct 3, 2017


So as you may or may not have heard, WECO is back! Rntt89FriendlyDemon and I have decided to resurrect the club, and as a former greeter, we wanted to make sure you knew about it! It’s pretty different to how WECO originally was, as we explained in our forum thread (link here), but our core aim is still the same - to make sure every new member gets a warm welcome to the site!

We know you did some great work for the original WECO, so we’d love it if you could continue that work with us!

Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you greeting with us soon!


KusakaKenzoki Aug 12, 2017

  • Hello Madmick-Senpei

Nice Meet You From Thailand My Name IS Kenz.....