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I'm not biased - I'm speaking the truth with full emotion.

When I say this manga is amazing, I meant I was supposed to read up to chapter 10 before bed but ended up sleeping at 4 AM just to finish the full 51 chapters. The female lead is marvellously written, filled with enough personality and intelligence to keep the pacing of the story intriguing. She isn't too overpowered, with skills or cheats to get through the game, but navigates it with the same careful consideration necessary to avoid dying. 

I personally loved the ML as well. A lot of people probably didn't like him because he's horrible and mean but I think it's warranted, given how they wrote his character. He's sometimes a little cruel to the FL but not overly so and it's not out of character for him. I actually do respect him and his hidden backstory which somehow shaped the way he interacted with the world.

The cool thing about this manhwa is that the story and the plot progresses at a normal pace. We have to watch the FL fail and succeed based on what she's learned, use her wits and make connections in order to hoist herself out of the hole that she starts from. She does have some knowledge of the story but this never gives her a full hand up from her peers; rather this is what helps keep the story going and gives all of us some motivation to continue.

Some people might say that the pacing is a little questionable at times but personally, I thought it was quite well-made. The art style is beautifully done and unique - I've never seen a manhwa that utilizes the same style and color as this one does. It colors the world in such a distinct beauty previously unseen.

Should you read it? Definitely.

Reviewed at Chapter 51.

10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

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