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The world makes no sense. The characters make no sense. The set-up makes no sense. I've wandered through the first 7 chapters and my only thought is ?????????? what is happening here? 

This manhwa is clearly a mash-up of several concepts that came off as edgy rather than inspired and that made the whole world seem so lacklustre and too convenient. Big ideas but characters smaller than they were drawn to be.

Should you read it? It's a pass for me, bro. There's more out there that you could spend your time on.

Reviewed at Chapter 7.

2/10 story
2/10 art
3/10 characters
2/10 overall

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Manthika Oct 27, 2021

Ngl I gathered that from the summary and was just curious to see if any well written reviews would change my mind- glad to know first impression is correct and I don't have to waste my time, so thanks 😂