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Anybody who said that this is a nice "casual" or "comedy" anime to watch is completely wrong. 

DO NOT watch this anime if you are not ready for some heavy shit. This anime is essentially about the trauma inflicted by the leader of the Zodiacs. It's basically cult-like abuse and the only romance that happens is mostly towards the end. This is a VERY slow burn romance anime, and while it certainly does have funny moments - it's not enough to give you a mental break. This anime will BREAK you, it is incredibly heartbreaking and heavy, and it's not talked about enough.

You will more than likely become incredibly annoyed with Tohru at a certain point, because her character feels so stagnant until the ending of the season, her character is too kind and soft and caring. To the point of where it no longer feels genuine, it feels like a front: and there's a reason for that.

But you definitely will be rather angry with her for the first season of this anime, she has no self agency and is completely unable to read a room or put her foot down and do or say anything to fend for herself. She's just incredibly exhausting, you like her in the beginning but as it goes on you just feel beaten down and tired of her inhuman level of happiness despite some of the worst shit happening to her.

Honestly it really frustrates me, she has really no personality other than cooking and cleaning for them. The men are unable to clean up a house or cook basic freaking meals, also I just can't stand how she's supposedly living in this freaking tent and has dealt with typhoons and is just still chilling.

Like dude, homelessness is absolutely devastating. It is not something you just smile and grit through, and with her sheltered and caring past from a wonderful mother - she just doesn't make sense. It's just so frustrating to see this completely impossible character be portrayed as some sort of incredible savior. She's altruistic to the point of completely screwing herself over but it's displayed as something wonderful.

I'm tired of people portraying meek and "kind-to-a-fault" women as the ideal woman, the type of woman you should strive to be. It's insulting how little character Tohru actually has, it's so annoying because she feels like the MC of a crappy Otome game.

Nobody is like that, nobody can keep up that facade and pretend everything is fine without cracks showing. She feels unrelatable because of her happy and air-headed disposition no matter the situation. It's difficult to connect with her after a while because you're waiting desperately to see some humanity peek through her - a semblance of anger, grief, sadness, annoyance, frustration, anything.

Just something that isn't a smile and letting everything happen, she's so docile and really does just feel like a replaceable and personality-less main character...but nothing. You barely get anything that isn't "perfection" from her. 

Other than being kind, patient, and cooking and cleaning, and loving her mom - she has no nuances or other personality that peeks through.

It's the other characters that really make this anime bearable, the stories behind their smiles and the trauma they are hiding and suffering is incredibly complex and the scenes with Akito are phenomenally done in a way that makes you hold your breath in anticipation.

It just sucks because it feels like this whole anime could be done without Tohru, Tohru has no character and just ends up being rather annoying and stagnant. 

8/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall

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