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Black Bird

Dec 9, 2010

Black Bird is a smutty Manga about a girl named Misao who can see demons. A human like her is born once every 100 years and after her 16th birthday, she will be targetted for the rest of her life because she smells good(Dodgy stuff) She always liked her old next door neighbor Kyo who moves away...but guess who comes back before her 16th birthday and asks her to marry her? And guess who is some random demon crow lord who love her? AND GUESS WHO says she has to sleep with him or she wont be safe? That's right, the fonz...

The story is okay. Apparently her touching kyo gives him energy so we can only wonder what sex does...Gives an excuse for lots of touchie-touchie etc lol But if a demon eats her they will be immortal I think. The art is pretty =D Nuff sed...The characters are likeable  suppose. 

This is a 'nothing special' manga with eccessive blood and lotsof touching and licking blood off of our dear Misao who for some reason has a perfect body. Lucky me I have the first 4 volumes of this manga. If you ask me It's another Vampire Knight But slightly better/Slightly worse in some ways.







7/10 story
9/10 art
6/10 characters
7/10 overall

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