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My love of anime was first kindled in my early teens with Ruroni Kenshin on Cartoon Network's Toonami segment. Since then I have branched out and enjoyed the wide world that anime has to offer. I am now going into my mid-20's and still have a love affair with the art of anime.

I gravitate towards anime that generally has an intricate story line and strong characters. On occasion I do enjoy the romantic comedy with minimal character development, but all in all, if the story isn't there, chances are I wont like it. I review quite rarely, but I intend to do more as my schedule allows. I think this should be a given, but I will never review an anime without watching it from start to finish. Reviews based on a few episodes in my opinion cannot give entirely accurate reviews. 

Personal rating system:

(0-3) Not worth your time. Skip it, unless you have a sincere interest in the anime.

(4-6) Mediocre- but could be a pleasant anime to the right person. If an anime falls into this category, it is usually because the character development or the plot lines were weak and uninteresting. Check out a few episodes for some mild entertainment.

(7-8) Thoroughly enjoyed for various reasons. Check it out!

(9-10) A masterwork of art and a must see. Or most things Miyazaki.

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